Iron-ons are really easy to use and absolutely fun for creating unique pieces for your baby. This is especially so if you can’t sew, like me. These are a couple of pieces I personalised for my baby last Friday. All you need is some plain onesies, iron-ons (which you can easily purchase from Art Friend or Spotlight) and some creativity.

Here’s a plain black onesie, now with golden embellishment.

And the common white onesie made unique with colourful letters and details.

My husband actually thought these were new handmade stuff I bought from the US!
I have so many new ideas and have been so inspired by handmade clothes that I shall learn how to sew and get myself a sewing machine one day. Create, create, create. Perhaps, one day I will be giving away some of my happy creations, just like Grosgrain. Spread some happiness around!

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