Sewing Pleasure!

Sewing has been a chore for me…until now. Not because I didn’t enjoy creating stuff. I did and I do. But, my creative outlets have always been oil painting, scrapbooking or even baking…never sewing…until now. Somehow, knowing that I was going to have a baby girl changed my perception and I have been so inspired by the talented artisans on etsy that I’ve actually started sewing or hand stitching…I’ve not invested in the sewing machine…yet!

First, I bought Bond baby singlets (6 to 12 months) from Australia and sewn colourful yo-yos and buttons onto them. Here’s an example of the one in Lavendar.

And I’ve just finished stitching a really pretty pair of felt booties (newborn to 3 months size). Adorable aren’t they? The free pattern is available at so you can give it a try as well!

It’s a fabulous feeling creating something from scratch for your princess!


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