It’s Raining Cats!!! Ribbon Dress

My princess adores cats. Whether it’s hello kitty or the neighborhood cat, they never fail to amuse her or  light up her twinkling eyes. She also can’t stop meowing when she sees them and that always brings a smile to my face.

This Michael Miller Kitten fabric is just ‘purr’fect for a new project and I followed the tutorial for ribbon sundress at Creature of Habit. It is probably one of the easiest dress I have made and I also learnt how to sew the french hem which adds comfort by eliminating any loose thread inside the dress. The tutorial is easy to follow and you can make a dress from size 6 months all the way to 8 years!

Here are more shots of the meow meow kitty kitty ribbon dress. My only adaptation is the use of scraps for the ribbon, simply because I thought it will look more interesting with more vibrant colors.

I believe this ribbon dress is a variation of the pillowcase dress. The pillowcase dress has its history in mothers making dresses out of used or vintage pillowcases for their daughters in an age of frugality. This is also a dress that will evolve into a top when the child grows and can be worn for years to come.

3 thoughts on “It’s Raining Cats!!! Ribbon Dress

  1. Love the idea of using the different scraps for the ribbon! Totally agree with you on how it makes the dress pop! Too cute! And your little girl is adorable.

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