Trips for 4

My husband and I love to travel. This passion now continues with two kids (boy almost four and girl one and a half) in tow. My husband posted our travel photos on facebook recently and told me how his colleagues with kids of similar age couldn’t believe how we could travel with kids and still have a good time.

I thought about it and decided that I would document our recent adventures on a blog and hopefully provide some useful tips or even itinerary suggestions to other parents who might wish to travel with kids.   I wondered if I should start a new blog but decided to expand on this blog instead. After all,these are all what I am passionate about. I will be covering the locations below and also update after future trips. Information will be consolidated under the Trips for 4 tab (on the top of the blog).  Give me sometime to post them in between my sewing sessions:) Too many projects, too little time!

Gold Coast  October 2009
Hong Kong SAR December 2009
Kansai/ Fukui Japan April 2010 (with happy fabric shopping:), you can not miss that while in Japan!)

On a separate note, I have moved and consolidated my old blogs into one here on the Sew Convert. I just thought the blog name is, well, so appropriate for me. I’m so sorry for people who have commented but now your comments are missing. I’m not sure what happened but they went missing after I moved the blog address.  Same reason the tabs on top are not linking properly. I’ll work on them, I promise.

I hope to meet more people and make more new friends here on The Sew Convert. So, hi and a warm welcome!


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