Sunday Etsy Faves: Jumpsuits Gaga

I don’t know about you but I’m going gaga over jumpsuits on etsy.  I’ve always love jumpsuits. I think they are so fun, casual and hip to wear on a hot day. Especially if they look like these!

Kimono Jumpsuit from lizarietz

Nautical Jumpsuit from  PyxusPassionProject

Wrap Jumpsuit from NICFISH

Off White Pleated Jumpsuit from PollmanGreta

Vegas Print Jumper from newyorkcouture

Yes, they made me wanna make me some jumpsuits! There are also two jumpsuit pattern on burdastyle- Long JumpsuitDoryon Romper.

It also didn’t help that I chanced upon this vintage jumpsuit pattern in my size and currently AVAILABLE!

Now, I’m really tempted!


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