A Frock By Friday Completed!

I followed Grosgrain’s A Frock By Friday last week but couldn’t sew on Wednesday and Friday so I had to complete two days’ sewalong today. Here’s the result and my very first shirt dress! My only deviation was the addition of green piping around the belt. Took ages to complete but I am pleased with it.

I couldn’t post more  photos as it started to rain after I took this shot and everything else turned out too blurry.  This was when I saw that there were some floral fabric left. I decided to do a refashioned shirtdress for my princess. The concept is based on Grosgrain’s Mohito Refashion Frock , only on a much smaller person. So, here is my little princess in hers.



Besides the rain, it has been a rather painful day for me. First, I got a cut on my finger when it accidentally  brushed past the blade I was using to cut the buttonholes. Next, I broke a nail 😦

Wished we had better weather. I  can only  dream of a photo of  my princess and I together in our dresses!


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