Hoot Hoot Blouse

I love many of the fabrics from Saffron Craig but they are rather costly. I bought three of their prints recently including a yard of this owl print in aqua.

However, a yard is not enough to make a top for me. I normally require at least one and a half to two yards for a simple top so I decided to use the owl print with some brown fabric to create a blouse adapted from this Mod Dress suggestion in Wendy Mullin’s book Built By Wendy Dresses.

Instead of zipper which was required for the dress, the blouse is secured with one button on the back. I used two front darts instead of four on the sewing pattern as I wanted to retain the owls in their original form.

At first, I used a normal width bias tape for the neckline which holds together the back, sleeves and front sections of the blouse but it looked rather flimsy so I called upon my good friend the seam ripper and replaced it with an extra wide bias tape. I think it made a difference and the top looked better put together.
Meet the cute owls. Hoot Hoot!


7 thoughts on “Hoot Hoot Blouse

  1. cute!

    I like this pattern but was reluctant to make it because I thought my bra would totally show through the gaps. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem in your pictures…do you find the gaps at all underwear-revealing? 🙂

  2. I love this. That is it I am buying Wendys new book. I have the first two and now after seeing this I am getting the third.


  3. I got the book yesterday and when I flipped through it, this Mod Dress was one of my least favorites. But when I see what you’ve made here… Waw. It definitely made me change my mind about this model.

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