Flashdance Knit Top

This is my first attempt in sewing with knit fabric! I was excited yet cautious. I used the Flashdance Flashback pattern from Wendy Mullin’s book Sew U Home Stretch.  The top is described as a shoulder revealing top which was once synonymous to the neo retro 80s look. I do not have a serger so I used my zigzag stitch and a jersey needle as recommended by the book. I wanted this to be part of my warm weather wardrobe so instead of using fleece, I used this semi sheer purple and silver knit fabric.

I actually bought this fabric three to four months ago but I have been hesitating…I thought sewing knit would be like learning to sew all over again. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, there was nothing bad about it. I enjoyed making this top very much. I think knit actually saves me a lot of sewing time because it does not fray and if you compare sewing zig zag stitches once down the seams to sewing the same seam twice when you do the French seams, it makes sense. I am definitely gonna make more knitwear! Here’s my first knit anything.

I followed all the steps in the book without deviation. After all, it’s my first knit and I don’t have the guts to adapt any of it. Not yet. I am just glad I managed to match the stripes:)


3 thoughts on “Flashdance Knit Top

  1. Hey there, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog !!
    I couldn’t find an email id so leaving a note on your blog post (cute top !!)

    You have three major options for fabric in Singapore – the first is where Nicole Xavier is –

    1. People’s Park Centre (Chinatown) – this is right next to People’s Park Complex (behind a mall called OG). The first floor has lots of hawkers and food stalls. Fabric shops and tailors are all on the second floor (with some sewing supplies and lace/button shops also).
    Here’s a blog link that gives better directions – http://ciyoucolorscity.blogspot.com/2008/07/fabric-accesories-finding-china-town.html
    I tried hunting for it on google maps, but the street view is quite old so you’d end up getting confused if I gave that ! It’s very close to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (and Temple Street) – so if you get lost, you could just ask a passer-by for “fabric shops”.
    Nicole Xavier is tucked in on the second floor 🙂

    2. Arab Street – this is near Bugis. Quite a few Indian/Arab/Chinese shops selling all sorts of fabric. (Remember to bargain)
    Avoid Little India – it’s too chaotic and the fabric choices aren’t great.

    3. Spotlight (at Plaza Singapura mall) – this is at Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Liberty – like prints. But costly.

    Hope you find some good deals !

  2. Thanks Shuchita! I am actually a regular at spotlight and have visited the chinatown fabric shops. It’s just that I’ve never noticed Nicole Xavier. But then again there are so many shops!!! Thanks for the info. I’ll look out for it on level 2 the next time I’m there:) I have not ventured to Arab Street though, I should have the opportunity to visit after my little one starts school next week!

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