Merry-Go-Round Jumpsuit

I was suffering from intensive withdrawal syndrome. Gosh! I have not sewed a single dress for the past two and a half weeks! So, yesterday I decided to do a simple dress which could hopefully be completed in a day before going back to my projects of shorts.  As I looked through my sewing patterns, I found this Very Easy Vogue. Vogue 8554. I bought this during the Vogue pattern sale as I was attracted to the neckline, sleeves and the waistband. Off course, a very easy pattern is a wonderful asset for quick satisfying creation.

I was happily sewing the sleeves, front and back sections and waistband until I did a fit. The fit was good but I realized that unlike the picture on the cover, it was not a waistband as it sits just beneath my bust.  I became skeptical but still continued to gather the full skirt and basting it to the band. When I tried it on. Horror! I looked 5 months pregnant and I am not exaggerating. I also hated that the sewing pattern did not indicate that the front of the skirt should be  cut on fold so a seriously ugly centre seam stuck out like a sore thumb right in the front portion of the skirt!

I spent last evening surfing the net, trying to find inspiration on how I could make the dress wearable. Suddenly, inspiration struck and I decided that since I was supposed to create shorts, I would turn the dress into a jumpsuit! I absolutely love how it turned out! Thank you Vogue for the unflattering pattern and for sending me on a shorts-dress-shorts merry-go-round.

To create the jumpsuit, I extended the midriff band to my waist. I chose a blue fabric, made a pair of shorts and joined them. The rest of the blue fabric was made into a tie belt which I felt completed the look.

At least I do not look like I’m an expectant mum in this 😛

12 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round Jumpsuit

  1. What an impressive way to turn what could have ended up in the waste basket into a super cute outfit.

  2. coming out of lurking to say… jeez! when patterns hand you lemons, you make limoncello! 🙂 that outfit is absolutely lovely and the fit is fantastic! the shorts are a perfect companion to that top!

  3. Thank you everyone! I’m just glad it went from waste basket material to something I will definitely wear:P Thank God jumpsuits are so ‘in’ at this point in time!

  4. That is really cute! I am seriously interested in what the original pattern looked like, since it does look cute on the cover!

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