30 Minutes Elastic Waist Shorts

I know, I know it’s still dress week but I was very much inspired by this elastic waist skirt which I saw over the weekend on Tasia’s blog. The skirts are so sweet but as I do not wear skirts, I thought the idea behind it could also work for a pair of shorts, like the one I saw on modcloth. I used a 3″ wide black elastic and less than a yard of black floral print fabric to create this pair of shorts which is think is perfect for summer! The light weight cotton (light but not at all sheer) makes the garment so comfortable and cool.

What I like most about this is the almost instant gratification you can get from cutting, sewing and completing it in half an hour! The Bella and Ruby shorts took me an average of two days to complete so this is a Polaroid equivalent in comparison! It takes me longer to type this blog LOL!

What I used:

-Less than a yard of cotton fabric

-Less than a yard of 3″ wide elastic


What I did:

1) Take a pair of comfy shorts made of woven fabric and fold into half. Place the centre of the shorts on the centre fold of the fabric. Using a white fabric chalk and measuring tape, I marked the fabric 5cm from the shorts (My seam allowance was 1cm) as shown. Cut two pieces. If you want them longer simply extend the hemline.

2) For each piece, fold the bottom leg together, right side facing and stitch.

3) Turn one of the pieces inside out and insert the other piece into it. With right side facing, stitch the front and back seams. Try it on and see if you are comfortable with the bottom fit.

4) Place the elastic on your waist and determine how much you will need. Do not stretch it. With right side facing, stitch the ends of the elastic together. Fold the ends down and stitch to the elastic.

5) Pin two pairs of pleats in the front and two pairs behind the pair of shorts, baste them. I measured equidistant from the front and back seams to determine the placement of the pleats.

6)Match the back seams of the elastic and shorts and pin the right side of the elastic to the right side of the shorts. Ensure they fit perfectly. Stitch.

6) Finish the hems and the shorts are done!

Just two things to be careful if you are making one.

1) Do not use white elastic or the garment won’t look finished and avoid prints that reminds you of a pair of boxer shorts or it will look like one.

2) Try out the waist elastic and ensure it can loop over your hip area, otherwise you won’t be able to wear it.

I’ll be making another pair out of this greenish floral fabric and wide silver elastic at the end of my dress week (if I can wait!).

Now, back to ironing, pinning and cutting these washed fabric for the macaron dresses!


6 thoughts on “30 Minutes Elastic Waist Shorts

  1. Those shorts are ADORABLE. Thanks for the tute and tips! I look like a sausage in short and so will probably make one up for my skinny sister or the little monkey :-))

    And seeing your Macaron fabric (yummy!) reminds me to get started too. I’m going to make a muslin toile first cos I have a funny body to fit and want to test out the pattern.

  2. Fabulous idea! I’ve been thinking of making myself a pair of elastic shorts for sleeping, using the ruby pattern pieces as a general guide, but these are definitely making me consider making a pair to show off this summer in public! Great job.

  3. Cute shorts, I really like the fabric! Quick projects like this are so nice, especially if your last project was an intense coat or dress.

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