Yummy Fabrics!

I am crazy about fabric and if you are reading this post, very likely, you are too. My favorite woven fabrics have got to be cotton voile and cotton lawn. To my delight I’ve just discovered that Lecien and Alexander Henry are both launching their new voile and lawn collections respectively! These are perfect for summer! I’ve not been using quilting cotton for sewing garments as often as I used to as I wanted to experience sewing with other fabrics but I understand that some avoid using quilting cotton for clothes because it does not drape as well as other apparel fabrics but if it is cotton voile or lawn, I will say go for it! And you know if it comes from these fabric designers, the prints are going to be fabulous. You can check out the Lecien collection at Hawthorne Threads and Alexander Henry’s at Pink Chalk fabric but I can’t resist showing you my favorites! I am totally in love with Alexander Henry’s collection, how about you?

Regent Peacock

Trio Raisins

Martine in Cerulean blue

Blue bell in pink tonal

Eton Butterfly Tea

Tres Jolie in Blue

I’ll be dreaming of these soft buttery fabrics tonight…

5 thoughts on “Yummy Fabrics!

  1. Oh, my wallet did not need this information! I love the Alexander Henry line. i’m so glad the designers are coming out with apparel-type fabrics, since I’m one who doesn’t love quilting cottons for their clothes, but I love the designs so much!

  2. Haha! Perhaps think of it this way Stitchywitch, the Alexander Henry lawn collection cost a fraction of what Liberty Tana Lawn cost so your wallet might be smiling at the end of the day. You are definitely right, quilting fabric designers have been coming up with the best designs!

  3. THey are beautiful indeed. These designers fabrics are kind of hard to find around here, but I’ll surely keep my eyes open now to see if I can hunt them down somewhere. Lovely!

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