Rest. 休息 . Reste. レスト

It’s a few days leading up to Singapore’s 45th National Day and my husband is on leave!!!  I am taking a break from sewing for just a few days. It’s so difficult to find time for each other after having kids so I try to cherish each and every couple moment 🙂 We managed to spend some quality couple time together today. We watched the movie ‘Inception'(finally!), had a yummy Korean lunch and visited Kinokuniya.

At the bookstore, I browsed the Japanese sewing books section but didn’t find anything I fancied unfortunately. However, I chanced upon Wenlan Chia’s “Twinkle Sews: 25 handmade fashions from runway to your wardrobe” in the English crafting section and boy was I hooked!  This is not a new book. It was published in 2009 but it’s the first time I’ve seen it and I just had to get it to recreate some of these stunning outfits…someday! While this is not a Japanese sewing book, I can see some Japanese influence on the designer. Here are some stunning images I wanted to share with you.

Love this dress with a unique tie collar

Details of an origami collar on another blouse

Simple and chic dress

Fabulous smocking details

Simple sportswear inspired top

Have a blessed week everyone!


10 thoughts on “Rest. 休息 . Reste. レスト

  1. thanks for the heads up re: twinkle sews! amazon sells it – have put it on my wishlist… 🙂 hope you’re enjoying some rest and relaxing, quality couple time!

  2. The outfits look really amazing! I hope the instructions are as good. The sewing pattern is in CD-Rom format so I have yet to take a closer look. Thank you, couple time has been great!

  3. I love the sportswear top. I would wear that all the time. Thanks for sharing I am going to check this book out. I have seen the Twinkle Knit books and they are fabulous.

  4. J’avais repéré ce livre l’an dernier (il est toujours dans mes favoris sur Amazon) et je ne savais pas quels modèles ils présentaient à l’intérieur… merci pour les images.


  5. Hi. I discussed this book with you on Flickr a while back. Well, guess what? My DVD/CD drive is not working on my laptop! I am dying to make some new fall tops out of it. I made the dress on the front from the freebie online. It wasn’t hard at all, however I don’t have the upper bod for it so will pass to my neice. Good luck. Be prepared to print alot of paper. Also, Save yourself some time and if it prints in a way to only print half of, say, a skirt, do that. She laid out the whole skirt instead of a “lay on the fold” of the fabric pattern. She did this in all of them!

  6. Hi Donna! Yes, I remembered I first heard about the book from you on flickr! Oh dear, sorry to hear about your technical problem, will you be able to print in a copy shop? Lucky niece of yours to get the cover dress! It’s stunning! Thanks so much on the tips, I will definitely try to save paper by printing half skirt. wondered why she laid out entire skirts, that’s rather unusual!

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