Echino Grassy Plain Dress

The dress that got me interested in Japanese Sewing Books is this purple scarf dress featured on the cover of ‘Les couleurs francaises’. It is also my reward dress for completing the target I set for myself in my Japanese Sewing Book challenge. I used my precious Echino Grassy Plain fabric which I thought was so appropriate for the design. The fabric was in my untouchable stash but I am glad it has turned into this dress!

The dress is Project C from ‘Les couleurs francaises’. It is relatively easy to make with many detailed diagrams. I used the pattern for size M, the shoulders fitted well but it was huge on the sides so I took them in quite a bit. The original design had a tie scarf collar. To make the most of this outfit, I decided to make some modifications and made the collar and scarf separately.  Here you see the dress with a collar I drafted myself. I wanted a collar that would look hidden when I wanted to wear it with the scarf.

Here’s the version with scarf which looks similar to the photo in the book.

And here I wear it slightly differently. I love the idea of a separate scarf, it is so versatile and you can wear it in so many ways, even with other outfits!

The scarf could also be used to drape a crowl neckline.

Or as a head scarf 🙂 I actually like this boho look quite a lot.

I love this Echino fabric! I tried my best to match the print on the side seams but it was not possible given that the print was wavy.

I hope you like my reward dress 🙂 I love it and can’t stop looking at it! I can’t wait for my princess to grow to be 100cm, that way we can wear matching dresses like the ones in the book! TGIF, have a fabulous weekend everyone!


29 thoughts on “Echino Grassy Plain Dress

  1. I love your dress, it’s very well made and so pretty. I also have this fabric and am thinking of making a dress with it but I don’t dare cutting it yet.

  2. Thank you everyone! Merci pour les compliments!

    @Kristin, @Lova : Thank you! It wasn’t easy cutting into this fabric. I took a LONG time just to ensure everything was all right. I didn’t want to make any mistake and ruin it. Glad it turned out well 🙂 Good luck with yours Lova!

    @bouillesdecoton, @Stephanie: Welcome! Thank you! Merci beaucoup 🙂

    @Pauline Perh, @Fiona, @Karin Van D, B@SweetLimes: Thank you, I love the scarf too, can’t wait to wear it out tomorrow!

    @petitlapincoeur: Merci beaucoup! vous prédit droit! LOL 🙂

  3. Your version is just magnifique!!!! I looove that fabric! As for making a matching one for your daughter… I know that feeling… except that I don’t have a daughter… But I am thinking about making one for a friend’s child 😉
    & I had no idea you could spak French! I was sooo surprised to see you also on the JCA blog

  4. Merci by Night! Your version inspired me to make this dress too. I know very little French, probably less than a French child in nursery haha. I rely on google translate when it is beyond my understanding. Has worked so far 🙂

  5. Thank you. I bought this fabric from fabricworm (see my fabric source link above) some time back. I believe there are still some people selling it on etsy. Try searching under supplies, echino grassy plain. Hope that helps 🙂

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