Sew Convert Blog Refashioned!

I have been thinking of refashioning my blog but didn’t get to do so until last evening. A simple, clean and white look was what I envisioned. One that is more conducive to read and more intuitive to navigate. After going through five to six themes, trying out layouts with two or three columns, I settled on this and certainly hope you like it.

I like that the hyperlinks on blog entries are now easy to spot since they are in blue and there is a wider margin between paragraphs. There is a new widget I added which tells you the Most Popular Post in the last 48 hours. You can find this at the top right column.

I also uncluttered some mess. I tried to, anyways :).

1) The Pages are better defined on the top of the blog. ‘Made Kids’, ‘Made Me’, ‘Who Am I?’ and so on can be seen more easily as they are demarcated by tabs.

2) The search function is right on top, you don’t have to search for the search box anymore 🙂

3) New sub pages have been created,  for easier retrieval of information. What used to be ‘Made Me’ now has three subcategories- Dresses, Tops as well as Jumpsuits & Bottoms. Just scroll over ‘Made Me’ and you will see them. I even indicated Y next to a garment I have worn out of the house and a YY, if I worn it on a regular basis just to have a better idea of how I fare. I think I need to wear my Made-Me garments out more. I know I would in September since I am gearing up for Self-Stitched-September but I would also like to wear them more often before and after that.

Do you like the changes? I hope I have not inconvenienced anyone in the process of my minor blog refashioning.

Oh yes, before I forget, you can now subscribe to RSS feeds from your preferred reader such as google, yahoo or blogline besides email subscription via wordpress. Simply scroll over the RSS feed icon on top to select.

As I am not used to blog entries without images, I added two. The photos you see here were taken using my phone camera, often in a spurt of the moment just to capture scenes of nostalgia, images fast disappearing in our urban landscape. I hope you like them! If you have any suggestions on how I can further improve the blog or think there is something else I should add, do let me know. I love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day!


Images (Top to bottom):

Peranakan (Straits Chinese) tiles

Old mail & switch boxes

2 thoughts on “Sew Convert Blog Refashioned!

  1. Can you believe those runway dresses? I think the two sewing divas you showed were right on, even better. BTW, the cutouts on the runway dresses, look closer at your new Twinkle book. I love your blog. Maybe I will decide to join the troops ’cause I sew quite a bit. I am Advan. Big. Anyway, thanks for all the eye candy. Have a creative week.

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