Mystery Cardigan Completed!

This lovely yellow cardigan stood out in the Japanese Sewing Book  “Les couleurs francaises” but the sewing pattern for it didn’t come with the book. I used to call it the Mystery Cardigan. When I really needed to make it as part of my Holiday Wardrobe Project, I made modifications to the sewing pattern of project m (below) to create a long green cardigan.

Instead of woven fabric which I believe the book suggested or cotton jersey (I couldn’t read the rest of the Japanese words but I recognized ‘cotton’), I used a very stretchy knit fabric which felt and looked like what you would usually find in RTW cardigans. I needed this to keep me warm and am happy I finally used this fabric. When my mum saw the fabric, she told me “That’s gonna be difficult to sew.” At the end of the project, I gave mum an update “It wasn’t that difficult to sew, it was horrifying to cut!’. Compared to what I now think is a lycra blend knit fabric used for my Melissa dress, this knit fabric was not difficult to sew. However, cutting it was a nightmare because the ends kept rolling, making it almost impossible to match the selvages. I just hoped I got the grain lines right!

The ruffles at the bottom of the cardigan worked well and looked lovely but those attached to the sleeves didn’t. Somehow, they turned out too short after I gathered them for the sleeves. I think it might be due to the direction of the stretch of the fabric so this might not be an issue if you use woven fabric. Unfortunately for me I used up all the green fabric and did not have any extras to redo them. Do you think a thin elastic sewn just above the gathered fabric would ruffle them up or should I just leave them alone? I am happy to hear any suggestion on how to improve the lack of ruffles situation.

I made a very long belt, as you can see and that turned out to be really interesting to  play around with. I got to tie my cardigan in so many ways! I didn’t plan for that to happen and only realized its potential when putting the belt on for the photographs. When I wore it this way, it created a cross knot at the back. I love it!

To create the Mystery Cardigan, I cut the paper pieces of project m and put them against myself, I then used the measuring tape to determine how much I needed to lengthen the front and back pieces.  Mine was lengthened by approximately 17″.  I only lengthened the sleeves by 3″ but the very stretchy knit and the weight of the ruffles pulled it down, making it look even longer. I created my belt from my leftover fabric but if you want one exactly like the photo, you can follow the one from project x, 185cm by 5cm before adding on the seam allowances. Oh! I also drafted  smaller pattern pieces for the shorter ruffles at the sleeves. There is supposed to two layers of ruffles at the bottom of the cardigan but I left that out, opting for only one row of ruffles.

Have a fruitful sewing week everyone!


17 thoughts on “Mystery Cardigan Completed!

  1. Love the way you called it the Mystery Cardigan! Looks really pretty – I love ruffles on other people but I never wear them myself..

    By the way, I have given you an award on my blog! 🙂

  2. To redo the sleeves, if you have energy to work on, I would cut the sleeves half way and make ruffles by those fabric cut off. I do not like to use roll up knit fabric as well. I heard you better pick knit fabric looks same on front and back cus they don’t roll up;)
    Anyway, great work! Now I wanna have a cardigan too!

  3. ohhh, I’ve not been blogging or reading and have missed so many of your fabulous creations. LOVE this cardigan, especially the ruffles. About the sleeves, just say they’re meant to be that way 🙂 They look really cute the way they are, honestly 🙂 Or maybe you can add a layer of ruffles in organza or chiffon or something light?

    As for the rolling nature of the knit, I’ve read that starching the heck out of a rolly knit can help. I haven’t tried it myself, though. Oh, and I *think* these knits tend to roll to the “right” side. I use different coloured sticker dots to remind myself which is the right and wrong sides

  4. Yah Simone, you MIA for so long! I’m still uncertain if I wanna change the sleeves. Might be too lazy to do that at the end 🙂 Thanks for the tips on knits! I love learning new things from comments! LOL

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