My first muslin

I have been sewing garments for myself on a regular basis for the past three months and it is the first time I have made a muslin. I thought I better make one since there are so many new things I’m learning from this project. So many firsts. It’s the first time I’m playing around with boning and padding while modifying a top pattern.  I used a really inexpensive floral print fabric I got from Chinatown sometime back and took my time.

I took so many photos of the muslin creation process, in fact, every single step so that I won’t forget what I did with it.  It is a brand new experience for me. The process was more enjoyable than I thought. Nonetheless, I still stand by my old ways and belief that muslins are not required for every single project.

This particular muslin, however, is not staying a muslin. I liked it so much that I’ve decided to upgrade its status. It is gonna become part of my wardrobe for two reasons. Firstly, it is important enough- it’s my first muslin 🙂 Second, it doesn’t look that bad so I cut a pair of red shorts and attached it to the top. I didn’t show you the back cos the colour of the zipper I used completely didn’t go with the outfit…it was a muslin after all. I will replace the zipper once I get one in red.

Now that the muslin is completed, I can start on the actual project. I am so excited about it and will definitely share more details with you when I’m done and if you are interested a step-by-step should also be available given the number of photographs I have snapped.

Meanwhile, besides deciding on which pair of jeans to sew for my Holiday Wardrobe Project, I have gotten myself involved in two exciting sewalongs. The first is Grosgrain’s A Frock By Friday (August) happening next week. This time we are creating the Alexander Dress! It’s so pretty, I can’t wait! I’ve chosen the fabric and it is drying as I type this. The second sewalong which is starting late September is Gertie’s Lady Grey sewalong using this gorgeous design from Colette Pattern. We are starting off with a muslin as well. Although it won’t be in time for my October trip, I am hoping to buy the actual coat fabric during the trip.

Join us for the sewalongs, won’t you?


14 thoughts on “My first muslin

  1. I wish my “muslins” looked this good—it is adorable. Adey, I just gave you a “beautiful blogger” award on my blog. Hope you’ll check it out! You’re one of my favourite blogs 🙂

  2. Woow, really amazing!

    Like Amelie, I’ve discovered your blog by Japan couture addict, And since I really like visiting your blog. And you also made me buy two new japanese books!!!

  3. It’s ok to make “wearable” muslins. Often the first garment I make from a pattern is my wearable muslin. I just never really know how a garment will fit until I wear it for a while. Then I always want to tweak some part of it. So I’m 100% on your side for making this muslin wearable.

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