A frock, a romper & a giveaway!

This is the project I have been working on for a number of days last week and the reason behind my first muslin. Remember the gorgeous retro inspired dresses with full skirt by Louis Vuitton I blogged about earlier? Well, this is my take on it. In fact, corset tops and dresses by Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton are on almost every fashion magazine here and I have been drooling all over them.

It is no surprised that I want to create my own version. Meet my Time Travel Frock. So named as I could very well travel to the 1950s and back in it without feeling out of place just by adding on a pair of pretty gloves. For this dress I opted for a 50s inspired drop waist skirt instead of a waistband.

I used the US$2 Margarete top pattern from burdastyle and modified it to create this look. The result is quite different from the original as I have widened the shoulder straps, inserted boning and padding to the bust piece and added a skirt to create this dress. Instead of piping, I used silver ric rac at the top of the dress.

The cotton fabrics are all from ikea. The camel fabric for the top is lighter than the home decor leaves fabric I used for the skirt. I simply love using home decor fabric for long skirts. This is the second time I doing so. The first was for the 50s Inspired Sabrina dress. It’s magical how they sway!

The dress is featured as burdastyle’s Project of the Week and you can create it too by following my tutorial here.This is the first time I created such a lengthy tutorial and I hope you have no problem understanding it 🙂 If you have any queries, please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I’ll try my best to respond. It should be suitable for an intermediate sewing enthusiast. You will need a dose of patience because there is quite a bit of fitting involved but you will be rewarded with a flattering corset dress. I will also encourage creating a muslin like I did for the top because you might need to adjust the cup size for a better fit by adjusting the bottom seam allowance of pattern piece number 2.

My now wearable muslin has a new invisible zipper too and is also ready to face the world! It might be the perfect alternative for my friends living in warmer climate or in the Southern hemisphere! Its called the Summer Lovin’ Romper. It’s terribly cute 🙂

Other potential variations I imagined include the bodice combined with Kasia skirt in nautical print fabric or with the Sean skirt for something more flirty!

To motivate you. my sewing comrades to create the bodice with or without straps for yourselves and play around with the bottom variations, I am having a Margarete kit giveaway. To participate, leave me a comment and tell me where in the world you are from. There will be one winner chosen by the random number generator (random.org) but you will need to indicate which of the two fabrics below you prefer. The grey leaves fabric from ikea or the retro red polka dot fabric from Japan. The 1 yard of fabric will be mailed with sewable plastic boning and foam padding anywhere in the world, to the winner.

If you subscribe to my blog via wordpress, you are automatically given another chance in this giveaway. If you subscribe via other RSS services, please leave me a comment telling me for example that you have subscribe via blogger/google/bloglovin etc, so you get another chance. You can also get a third chance if you blog about any of the two outfits above. The giveaway will end Monday 27 September 2010. I hope you enjoy participating in this giveaway and happy sewing everyone!


43 thoughts on “A frock, a romper & a giveaway!

  1. Your muslin reminds me of a yellow playsuit worn by Jennifer Jones in the role of Han Suyin in “Love is a many spendored thing”. The film won an oscar for its costumes so you are in excellent company. http://www.altfg.com/blog/actors/jennifer-jones-duel-in-the-sun/ photohalf way down page

    I must be honest and say that if I were to win the fabric (leaves pattern) I would have to make it into a bag. Larger women are not at all suited to such fabulous garments. I understand that some fabric bags actually do use boning to give them shape.

  2. I wish I could sew like that. I had promised to begin sewing this year and I even bought a sewing machine in feb. I used to sew as a teen then I kind of stopped. It’s through reading amazing blogs like yours that I thought again about sewing and how much i loved it.
    But can i say so far its not happening. I dont have the confidence to sew for myself. at least stuff i can wear outside. But am not giving up I am working on a skirt right now, something easy and i love it. I come from Kenya, and i cant find sewing patterns anywhere, maybe online but the shipping itself is usually more expensive than the pattern!!!
    i love the grey leaves fabric. Your dress is amazing. wish me luck on my sewing journey. Ps:- do you always sew from patterns?

  3. Hi Adey,

    I came here by way of Self-stitched-September’s Flickr group. One of my goals for 2010 is to sew, sew, sew (and paint), of which, I haven’t quite gotten round to unfortunately. Joining SSS was meant as a motivation to sew more.

    You sew really well! And I am inspired.

    What a lovely giveaway you are having! I am new to sewing, and have only embarked on Burda’s Easy patterns, having made only a couple of Easy pieces thus far.

    Where in the world I am from? I am from Singapore, writing this comment in Zürich, Switzerland.

    P.S. The grey IKEA fabric has my preference.

    Many thanks for this great opportunity!

  4. Hi,

    I’ve been following your blog with bloglines for while now after finding your work on Burdastyle.

    I love what you’ve done with this dress, you’ve taken a pattern I wouldn’t normally look at and made it really amazing. The grey Ikea fabric would look great as a dress like yours with a circle skirt, perfect for my sister in laws wedding next summer.

    I’m Scottish but I’m currently living in the south of England.

    Thanks for this inspiration and the great give-away.

  5. I love all your creations. You’re so inspiring. Each time I read your blog I think I will make a beautiful dress for this summer or a skirt, … I made one skirt but I would like to make some pìeces more. The retro dot is cute!!! It will be a great skirt or top 😀
    I’m from Barcelona!
    Thanks for a wonderful givewaway.

  6. What a gorgeous giveaway. I am from the Netherlands and would love to have a chance to win this. Oh and ofcourse I am subscribed, I wouldn’t want to miss one of your wonderful outfits!

  7. Your dress is stunning. I must say your lithe figure helps to show it off. Love the Ikdea print; grey is one of my favourite colours. Nice to see the many countries represented by your readers. I live near Toronto, Canada and just subscribed.

  8. Hi Jackie, I face the same problem. The shipping is very often more expensive than the patterns! That’s why I tend to use quite a bit of pdf download. It takes effort to put the A4 sheets together but it is worth it when you see the final product. I am happy to hear you have started on a skirt. It’s a good item to start with cos it is often not too difficult! I’m also really thrilled that you like my blog 🙂 I hope to see your skirt soon! I don’t always sew from patterns but most of the time I do as it is easier. So far I’ve drafted my own patterns when I sew for my kids and also my Cloud Nine Plaid Blouse. All the best in finding your sewing groove!

  9. I love the the outFit. I live in San Antonio Texas, USA. My country of origin is the sunny island of Puerto Rico in the Caribean. I love the leaves fabic! (Ikea). Keep up the good work!

  10. Your dress is lovely! And I have some serious IKEA fabric envy, so I’m loving that leaf print. (Both the one on your skirt and the one you’re giving away!)

  11. I’ll comment for that! 🙂

    I’m in Alberta, Canada (where the summer is at this point a fond memory) so I wouldn’t be able to wear it out until next summer, but what the heck.

    I’m really torn; the Ikea print is so classy, but the baby print is adorable. Ah, heck. I have an Ikea here in town, Japan is a long ways away. I’ll go for the baby print 🙂

  12. Hi,

    I love following your blog and look forward to my email updates! I live in HOT HOT HOT Corpus Christi, Texas and would love to win the presh retro fabric from Japan.

  13. I’ve been checking in on you for awhile. You get so much done!! I have subscribed through Google so I can track all your prolific projects. I would love the Ikea print. Thanks!

  14. Hey,
    I’m originally from Paris, France but I now live in Chicago. I LOVE sewing: it’s my secret addiction. I would love to get the leaves fabric especially now that summer is over!

  15. hi! you’re really clever, attaching a skirt to the top bodice. the overall look is lovely and flattering. i hope i could attempt it someday. (sucking in my tummy!)

    i’ll be in indonesia and would love to win the retro polka dot set.
    thanks for the chance! 🙂

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  17. Your dress is beautiful ! and you’re just cute in it (and I noticed the new shoes with your muslin).
    I am from France, in the north and I prefer the japan fabric (Ikea is not far away from here). If you like retro patterns, you will like the japan sew book “retrospective is stylish”.

  18. Oh I love the ikea fabric! I’m here in sunny Miami. your dress is stunning and thank you for this chance to win!

  19. Hi Peggy. Thanks so much! Yes, I have been putting the cute shoes into good use haha. I have been trying (dying) to get myself ‘Retrospective is Stylish’ but apparently it is out of print 😦

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  21. This is so gorgeous! And congratulations on being featured on Burdastyle 🙂

    I have put in a little link on my blog about your giveaway, because anyone who missed it would be silly 😉 I just love the cute Japanese print fabric you are giving away, although I have to say, if I did win, I would probably make the top in a plain colour like yours and pair it with a full pleated skirt.

    This is such a good idea! It would definitely motivate me to make my own Louis Vuitton dress.

  22. I love love the sculpted bodice on the dress! I’m currently going to school in Cincinnati, and I follow you through blogger. The Japanese print is adorable, but I’d go for the autumnal leaves.

  23. I love that dress. It’s so flattering! I tend to think of dropwaists as waist erasing, but yours is lovely. The leaves are lovely.

  24. i love looking at your work. ditto what rebecca said; i read “drop-waist” and thought “no-waist,” but your version is really flattering.

    i just started following your blog. boning intimidates me, but maybe if it came in the mail at random i’d be forced to face my fears, eh? 😉 thanks again for sharing.

    – f

  25. Hello from Washington DC. I love your work. If anyone is reading this and hasn’t seen her “Reflection of the Moon” creation, jump all the way to the top of her postings. It’s wonderful too. I love how you are the perfect model for your creations! I promised myself not to make any new clothes until the needle on the scale drops a bit, so I’m filing your inspiration for future needle hitting fabric time!

  26. I follow you in email and also in google reader. It’s great to be out and about and able to read blogs on a smart phone.
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  27. I’m so impressed and jealous! I’m a rubbish seamstress – I’ve just about managed to make a dress and a couple of skirts and tops. Maybe I should make something today instead of doing work? Love the play suit! Emma

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