Self Stitched September: Day 7 to 14

Oops! Blame it on my super long weekend but I have not blogged about Self-Stitched-September for seven days!   As a result, this post is gonna be SSS intensive.

Day 14

Today is extremely warm and humid. 34 degrees burning celsius! It’s days like these that I thank God for sleeveless tops like this floral blouse, my first attempt from a Japanese sewing pattern. Super comfortable as it is made from light weight Japanese cotton and embellished with a hand dyed vintage doily and button, this blouse passed the heat test in flying colors!

And what better way to cheer me up on such a hot day than dressmaking? My prince’s school is celebrating the mid-autumn festival this Friday and I’ve started to work on a dress to wear to the event. So, my poor Bella jeans got thrown back into the project basket!  And yes, I wore this floral blouse and denim shorts outfit sans floppy hat and shoes throughout the whole sewing process.

Day 13

I have two wedding anniversaries. 9 September, the date we registered for marriage in Brisbane, Australia and 16 November, our customary wedding day. My husband couldn’t take leave on 9 September so we enjoyed some couple time on Monday. I wore my Little Folks blouse. Made of cotton voile, it is based on the blouse pattern from Sew U. My husband was sweet enough to wear one of my creations too. His shirt pattern is burdastyle’s Jakob.

You can’t tell from these two photos unfortunately but the front and back yokes are made from the reverse of the fabric and contains little white dots. I heart my Little Folks Blouse! It remains one of my favorite tops!

Day 12

When my husband saw me in this Picnic Macaron he said I looked like a schoolgirl and thought it was a cute retro dress! I was in cloud nine off course:) I wore this gingham piece to my prince’s Sunday swim class and church service and noticed that quite a number of people took a second look at my dress. That kept me smiling cos it’s truly one of a kind! Will it be too much to own more than two macaron dresses?

Day 11

I hate being photographed in glasses as it reminds me of my nerdy schooldays. But, my eyes were feeling dry and itchy that Saturday so I didn’t want to put on my contact lenses. Here’s me in my Peekaboo Sleeve Tara at a bookstore browsing through my source of inspiration-yes, fashion magazines. As an after thought, the glasses might have been a good idea as it neutralized the flattering neckline of this blouse. My husband didn’t complain about the low neckline this time. I know, it’s cotton voile again, but this fabric is just a dream to wear and I can’t get enough of it. I don’t think I will be making another Tara though since I already have four of them.

Day 10

It’s Hari Raya, the day my muslim countryman celebrated their new year. I thought it would be appropriate for me to wear my Tablecloth Tunic dress as it is quite similar to the top of a traditional Malay costume. I love how vibrant the fabric is and thought I might make a blouse/tunic length version of this someday. This dress is made from quilting cotton and I discovered after these two weeks of SSS that the dresses which I have made from quilting cotton does not crinkle much! That’s a definite plus for quilting cotton!

Day 9

My hummingbird dress was made from a vintage sewing pattern. I love that this dress is comfortable yet flattering and didn’t even mind wearing it on a ‘normal’ day playing chauffeur. I will definitely use this sewing pattern again!

Day 8

It was a super-duper busy day for me as I couldn’t wait to finish my Sunny Day Dress! I usually get my photos for SSS taken in the morning but this was the only one taken in the evening when I was leaving the house to pick up the Royal Highnesses. My shirtdress from A Frock By Friday (The inaugural frock). Pretty and easy to wear but I am not likely to use this pattern again as I have since acquired shirtdress patterns which I’d love to try.

Day 7

It was the first time I wore my Cloud Nine Plaid Blouse and I love it to bits! I do not understand why it has not been worn before. This was also the first item I made from a self drafted pattern. Though it is just a blouse and I teamed it with an ordinary pair of black shorts, I felt dressed up.

At the end of seven days, I have two favorites from this lot- the picnic macaron and the Cloud Nine Plaid Blouse!

Some random thoughts after 2 weeks of SSS:

– I am so glad I wore four dresses in seven days. That’s a record for me!

– The more I wear dresses, the more I love them. I always love sewing dresses so there is no stopping me now!

– I am not certain, but I suspect fuchsia, eggplant and blue are my colors. So, what season does that make me?

– I am most comfortable wearing an outfit with my arms covered except on a hot day.

– Comfy home shorts is a good idea in this heat! I need home shorts!

– Quilting cotton fabrics seem to hardly crinkle so I will continue to use them for my made-me garments

– I really need to start working on my bella jeans. I wear jeans so often! Twice in seven days!

We are half way there! 16 days to go till October!

Have a marvelous week!


7 thoughts on “Self Stitched September: Day 7 to 14

  1. I think your glasses look really nice on you! I love your macaron dress. THe one I made is a bit dressy being black and white and a little shiny. I think I might make another one that is more casual. I want a pink floral one with maybe a light grey top.

  2. You look adorable in glasses, but I know what you mean – I never take photos in mine either! You have so many pretty outfits, and I love the photo of you and your husband, both wearing shirts that you made!

  3. Thank you stitchywitch! your own outfits are amazing! It was really sweet of him to wear that shirt for couple time so I love that photo too:) A fire extinguisher box played tripod for us!

  4. I must confess that I rarely wear dresses these days. But really they are the easiest.
    There is no need for “Does this go with that?” and “Are this and that washed and ironed?”.
    Skirts, shorts or trousers are hotter and tighter because they introduce at least 2 layers of fabric, or elastic or facing firmly around your waist.

    I love the idea of making your husband’s shirts. I really must make my husband a shirt. I have always meant to. Here in Australia we have “Dr Karl” a doctor/scientist who can communicate science very simply and effectively. Karl Kruszelnicki is very popular and has written some excellent children’s books. He always appears in beautiful shirts. What most people don’t realise is that he makes his own shirts:

  5. Hi Irene, I rarely wear dresses till Self Stitched Sept and now I think I can wear them more often:) Though I’m into dresses now, I still think there are more variety in pants or blouses as I can mix and match so my friends don’t think I’m always wearing the same thing…LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing about Dr Karl. I just checked him out and his shirts are so interesting! I gotta check out his children books too:)

  6. I love all your pictures and every one of your beautiful creations. Do love all the cotton you have used and the way you have used them. Chic styling and just right for our weather.

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