Self Stitched September: Day 15 to 20

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plans and the past few days have been just that.  I made a dress to wear for the mid-autumn festival celebration at my prince’s school but we didn’t get to attend the event on Friday. My husband and the two kids were all under the weather and we didn’t want to spread the germs.  And for the same reason, we visited the zoo instead of an air-conditioned mall on Saturday, a day I have originally planned to wear a dress. But, a dress is a no no for the zoo, too easy access and target for the mummy mosquitoes. I am also having problem uploading photos to the SSS Flickr group. My uploads have increased so much this month that I have reached the 100% upload capacity limit! Oops! So, I guess the rest of my SSS updates will have to be done solely on this blog.

I didn’t plan to plan but in my mind I have been unconsciously ‘planning’ what to wear two days ahead just to ensure the pieces are washed and ironed. All these unexpected happenings have made Self-Stitched-September more unpredictable and more challenging. With only ten more days of self stitched fun coming up, I am no longer ‘planning’ my wardrobe. I have decided to just go with the flow and hope I get to wear my ‘Reflection of the moon frock‘ on Wednesday, day of the actual Mid-Autumn Festival! Fingers crossed!

Here are the made-me garments I wore in the past six days.

Day 15

I wore not one but two made me pieces on Day 15! My hoot hoot blouse made its first trip out of the house and was paired with my favorite black & white bella shorts. This is a really unique blouse (if I may say so myself 😛 ) made by modifying the mod dress pattern from Built By Wendy Dresses. It comes with two keyhole cut outs just under the front shoulder blades. The main fabric is a delightful owl print fabric from Saffron Craig Australia, a light weight cotton. I love how different the blouse is from the rest of my tops and it is great for a hot sunny day too. I will definitely wear it more regularly.

Day 16

I didn’t need my tripod today as my husband was on medical leave. After I accompanied him to the doctor, he kindly snapped this photo of me in front of some old letter boxes which I found. I wore my Cape Tara blouse (without the cape here). It is weather perfect, very comfortable and looks much better than a tee for sure!

Day 17

It seems like I have been visiting the doc quite a bit. This time, I brought my prince to the pediatrician for his nasty cough. I wore my A Day in Paris cami. It took me a while to convince the boy not to go to school that day. At first he agreed but a while later, he asked me, “what about the lanterns mama”. I told him he could still carry the lantern around the estate and that’s what we did in the evening. He enjoyed it so much, he requested to do it again the next evening! We didn’t get another chance yet so I am hoping that we could go for another round of lantern parade on Wednesday. My princess was so timid that she didn’t dare touch the lantern!

Day 18

A day at the zoo! This is the second time I wore my Bambi Tara during SSS. A totally different look from Day 5. We have a family membership called ‘Friends of the zoo’, so the destination is a place we frequent. The little ones love visiting the animals and my prince requested to see his ‘friends’, the white tiger and the lion and they were there to greet him in full glory.

It was such a warm day, we saw the white tiger soaking in the water for the first time. The lion was at his usual spot again, under the tree.

We met a new ‘friend’ for the first time and my son couldn’t resist going nearer for a better look. This amazing chameleon is so huge I didn’t want to go near it! I am a scary cat when it comes to reptiles but isn’t its color beautiful!

Day 19

I wore the echino grassy plain dress for the first time and 19 September 2010 is such a special day for me. I will always remember it! My prince and princess started acting as siblings, playing, holding hands and sharing with each other. They have been fighting over toys and attention for quite a while now.

Perhaps, it was their matching grey and denim outfits but they were just adorable together! Oh, my son insisted on bringing the toy bag I made him that day which made me really pleased.

Here’s the historical moment, they held hands and walked for around 5 minutes…a record for the duo! I was so busy beaming I almost forgot to talk about the dress. It is a comfortable loose-fitting dress with no buttons or zipper. More importantly, I just love love love the fabric and its colors! I really have a thing for border print fabrics and my princess was intrigue by the print too and just had to touch the zebra on mama’s dress 🙂

Day 20

Another sunny day! The summer weather finally arrived mid autumn hahaha. I am wearing my 30 minutes elastic waist shorts. Easy to sew, easy to wear.  No complains here. Perhaps, I should work on my second pair which I have talked about but not sewn. Oops!

Phew! That’s another intensive SSS update! Looking at most of the blouse & shorts combos I have been wearing, I think I would not be wearing much tees out of the house after SSS. Who would mind looking better and still beating the heat! And judging from the number of hats I have worn, I might want to try making my own!

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