Self Stitched September: Day 21 to 27

This should be my second last blog on SSS with the month-long attempt to wear a self stitched item a day drawing to an end in three days! I realized as the days go by that I am getting lazy with my updates and increasingly reverting to my old photo taking ways-sorry about the many white walls again. I guess I have tried to get photos taken out of the house but sometimes, it is just not possible. It is also true that after a while, I feel that I am running out of things to say about my outfits. Oops! So, thank you for reading the updates:)

Day 21

This is the first time I wore my Merry Go Round Jumpsuit. It’s based on a Vogue dress pattern but was a disaster in the making, so I converted it into a jumpsuit with sash. With my new zipper foot, I changed the normal zipper to a longer invisible zipper and I LOVE it. It’s another one of those made-me outfits that made me feel dressed up in a casual way. It’s a lovely fit and comfortable. I’m definitely wearing this again! I never thought I will like pastel pink in my garments but this kinda changed my mind. 

Day 22

A busy errand running day and I had some minor renovations done to one of my home toilets. So, I was busy supervising the contractor in my Nani Iro Tunic and Ruffles Ruby shorts, both self stitched. The double gauze fabric makes the tunic fabulous to touch and wear. Definitely a good outfit for a hot day.

It’s the mid autumn festival. Here’s the moon we saw (The photo doesn’t quite justify how glorious it looked) and my prince with his ultra man lantern. He had so much fun, he asked if he could stroll with the lantern every night!

Day 23

This was a rare weekday outing. I wore my Reflection of the Moon Frock for a nice Japanese lunch with my husband near his office. He took this photo for me in his workplace. I felt so lady like wearing this dress and I love the feel of the fabric, the swing of the skirt and how feminine it makes me feel. I will definitely use this vintage sewing pattern again.

Day 24

Renovations continue and I also went grocery shopping so I could make a soup dish my husband requested for. So, it turned out to be a cooking day for me and no sewing was done.  I wore my Refashioned Ruffles Blouse which  is a good reminder that I should always persevere and be adventurous and gutsy in sewing and perhaps in life! Love the lessons sewing has taught me, don’t you?

Day 25

It’s Saturday and we spent the afternoon by the beach where my four-year old prince has successfully conquered a two-wheel bicycle! He has been using a glider for three months and I think it really helped him learnt how to balance. My husband and I were totally surprised that he learnt how to cycle on his first day on the bike! Something we never expected to happen so quickly! So, I am definitely an advocate of the glider!

I wore my Cape Tara without the cape again and it was perfect for a stroll along the beach with my princess. Cool and comfy!

Day 26

I do not know where to start with this dress. I wore A Sunny Day Dress to my son’s swim class and church service this Sunday and I love it so much! Comfy, soft and light fabric, lovely color, flattering fit (I think the peplum and the pleats did a great job to create the flattering silhouette), feminine and lady like.I couldn’t stop stealing glances at its reflection in the mirror! My ever obliging husband snapped this photo at the tennis courts by the pool.

Day 27

This morning, it’s my princess’ turn to visit the pediatrician so I just grabbed whatever caught my attention in the wardrobe. She was due for vaccination but somehow always fall sick on the day of the needle! I think her body has an unconscious awareness of when vaccination is due. I wore the Cloud Nine Plaid Blouse with a pair of denim shorts. This is my second time wearing this blouse and both times for Self Stitched September. I think it’s going to be another no sew day since princess is nursing a cough at home.

It’s strange but once a self stitched outfit has been worn, it seems to empower me with new confidence to wear it again and again. In self stitched garments, I am also empowered to create better fit and more unique pieces in fabrics I love which are the motivations behind my sewing projects. SSS has definitely made me dress myself in more feminine ways and I am starting to like that quality a lot! I need to start sewing again and I so wanna work on my two knit tops and the Lady Grey!


8 thoughts on “Self Stitched September: Day 21 to 27

  1. Hello! You are the winner of the thread give away on Sew Retro! Could you please drop me an email I will hook you up with Cooper Sewing Machines so they can send you your prize. Congratulations!

  2. Anna :

    Hello! You are the winner of the thread give away on Sew Retro! Could you please drop me an email I will hook you up with Cooper Sewing Machines so they can send you your prize. Congratulations!

    Oh my goodness! I have emailed you Anna! 100 threads! Now I have to think of where to store them! Thank you so much for the giveaway on Sew Retro!

  3. I’m not sure if I visited your blog before, but I certainly haven’t been in a while, and I really must pay you a compliment on your gorgeous, gorgeous wardrobe! Very inspiring; I have a long night before me reading your back posts 🙂 !

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