Bloomers 1, 2 and 3

It’s rather gratifying to complete three projects in one day. In fact, I am wearing one of them now as I blog on this ridiculously hot and humid day. I seriously can not comprehend why I need to use a flash to get the photos right on such a hot sunny day. Without a flash these cute bloomers all looked over exposed, they looked almost white! Normally, I would have kept the flash function switched off when I use the camera as I prefer the natural look and hues. Anyways, these photos didn’t turn out too bad so here’s a post 🙂

The sewing pattern used is the Madeleine Mini Bloomers from Colette Patterns. I made a size M for a roomy, comfy fit and I also wanted them slightly longer. This is not a difficult pattern and can be completed pretty fast. The bloomers pattern is a wide shorts pattern. The waistband comes with two thin elastic inserted into two of the four casings created. The legs have a ribbon casing, with each end of the ribbons looping out from buttonholes.

Bloomers 1: Baby Bear

Did you find the fabric familiar? You are right, I made it out of the giveaway fabric the winner didn’t select. I had no plans for this fabric when I was organizing the giveaway so when the bloomers idea came along, I decided to give it a go. This is a Japanese retro print fabric I bought from Chinatown. It’s a cutesy pair of bloomers and instead of ribbons, I used a white ric-rac for ties. This is so cute I am thinking of making my princess a matching pair.

Bloomers 2: Fluffy Clouds

This was one of the first fabrics I bought online. It’s a Cloud print fabric from Korea. I can imagine myself waking up in this pair of bloomers already 🙂

I chose a thin yellow grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots for some contrast. This was the first pair I made out of the three so I learnt all the mistakes from this one. I didn’t read the tips on the last page of the instructions until my elastic got stuck in the waist casing so I had to undo some stitching and trim the seam allowances inside the fold of the waistband and that made threading in the elastic a breeze! It made a world of difference.

Bloomers 3: Floral on Green

I love love love this quilting cotton fabric from Jennifer Paganelli’s Flower Power collection.  It is just so pleasing to the eye! It is paired with a thin beige with mocha dots grosgrain ribbon.

This is the first time I made casings like these for elastic and ribbons and I love this new trick I now have in my bag! And off course, a new use for button holes- for the ribbon openings! A small gadget also made these steps much easier. I used to thread elastic using a baby safety-pin but it didn’t work in all cases. So, I got this simple tool from Daiso at US$1.30. It is highly reliable and helps push the elastic through the casing easily.

I am happy now that I have some made-me home shorts! Which of these bloomers do you like? My favorite is the Floral on Green. I have a weakness for green things as it has always been my favorite color. And the fabric design is just exquisite, I actually have it in three color ways 😛

Sad to say, I am having some problems with the patterns for my next project from ‘Twinkle Sews’. The pattern was designed to be printed on the uncommon letter size instead of regular A4 paper so I search the stationery shops and finally found some precious letter size. I printed them out yesterday but I am not confident that they will lay out well as I could hardly see the numbers at the sides of some pages. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I hope you are having a good sewing week! I will try my best to make the most of it!


15 thoughts on “Bloomers 1, 2 and 3

  1. they’re all great fabric choices! adore! esp. the retro print one. 🙂
    i’d kept the pattern, hoping to get to making one, someday..

    speaking of colette, i’m working on the new crepe wrap dress this week..
    i’m feeling very nervous about it!

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  3. Thank you everyone! They are great to wear! I have worn these for three consecutive days and they are fab!

    @Fiona: Wow! You are fast, that’s a very new pattern. I am sure it will turn out great as Colette Patterns’ instructions are top notch!

    @Vanda, Tanit-Isis, Karin Van D: Can’t wait to see your versions!

    @ Raquel: Thanks for asking, I have included more info on Twinkle Sew in my new post. Hope that clarifies 🙂

  4. Adorable bloomers.
    I’m having some of the same problems with paper size.. If you tape the A4 sheets end to end instead of overlapping on the border, you can fake US 8.5×11″ pretty well. A4 as I’m sure you’ve noticed is a bit smaller. The most important thing is not to let the Adobe reader ‘scale to fit the page’, otherwise you’ll never print anything usable!

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