Psst…there are gnomes in my Lady Grey…

I have never been unwell for so long that I couldn’t sew…To cut the long story short, my kids caught my cold/sore throat and passed them back to me! The good news is I am healed now and yes, I have finished my Lady Grey! I took these photos today and only after uploading them did I realise there wasn’t a clear photo of the peplum which I love. I will take some more shots and share next week. It wasn’t easy taking the shots, I was literally melting in the heat. It’s 30 degrees celsius today!

I love the color and am really pleased with it. I chose a gnome fabric by Michael Miller for the lining of this spring coat.

The side view and…
the back

The sleeves and shoulder pads definitely helped clear out wrinkles on the back 🙂 Besides the peplum, I also love the top-stitching details on the coat (yes, more photos of those too :)).  In the end, I didn’t do a bound button-hole. I did try it out on some additional fabric (my first and only try below) but didn’t have red organza so the white organza was peeping out at the sides. I will definitely try those buttonholes again in an appropriate future project.

Gotta go blow some candles off a birthday cake….have a great weekend! I will see you next week, share more photos/details on Lady Grey and tell you more about the next sewing theme.


UPDATE: New post with new photos of the Lady Grey here:)


18 thoughts on “Psst…there are gnomes in my Lady Grey…

  1. Shame on me too, I didn’t leave any comment last time.
    I really love your coat and the humorous fabric inside. Get well and happy birthday!

  2. Ah, children and ailments. They really do go together, don’t they? Your coat is gorgeous, I love how smooth a fit you’ve gotten with it. And the gnomes inside! So fun.

    30C sounds just Dandy. It’s -20 here right now.

  3. Sew great to see your coat! Mine is also red and, sadly, unfinished, but you’ve inspire me to get crackin’ on it during our holiday next week in the US. And loved your vacation photos! Great to see my old stomping grounds, Shanghai 🙂

  4. You did a great job. Love, love, love the lining. Happy Birthday and I am so glad you are healed. I was worried looking at your RSS every day to see if you had posted. So glad you are better.

    And, while you are warm in your area of our planet, I am in Sunny California, USA, and we can’t see the sun today. It is raining, and it snowed a bit but melted as soon as it hit a surface. In fact it is raining pretty heavy right now.

  5. Hello!
    I have been missing your posts, and I am glad to hear you are well again. I love the lining, a cute surprise! I would like to ask, what is the material you used for the red coat, is that corduroy? Thank you

  6. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!
    @Sue: It’s actually not my birthday but one in the family:) You are so sweet, thank you for checking on me. I am glad to be healthy again! Hmm…the weather sound rather temperamental, I didn’t know it snows in California actually. thanks for letting me know and I hope you do have sunnier weather soon!

    @Ali: Thanks so much and I am glad you feel motivated to work on yours. Can’t wait to see it. I think red is a great color for the Lady!

    @Tanit-Isis: I couldn’t agree more… And -20! I’ve never experienced anything below 0 but I think 30-20=10 would be perfect.

    @Peggy: You are so sweet! Merci beaucoup. It’s not my birthday but one in the family but I really appreciate everyone of your comments!

  7. What a great version of the Lady Grey! I hope to make a lightweight one in the future…I made a wool one a few weeks ago. I love the peplum too.
    We hardly ever get up to 30 degrees here!

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