More Lady Grey Pix

I woke up to an extremely sunny day (32 degrees Celsius to be exact) and decided that I would brave the heat and put on my Lady Grey. As promised in my previous blog entry on the coat, here are more pictures with a better view of the peplum and some close up shots of the topstitching. I think the coat or rather its peplum goes fabulously with skinny jeans 🙂

I am pretty happy with these photos as they conveyed the color of the coat more accurately. The wonders a good light source does to photography!

The ones that follow, however, are better in showing the topstitching on the coat but the color is rather off as they looked too orange. I didn’t have time to iron the coat this time  round so please excuse the creases ;P

I especially adored the topstitching at the side fronts which leads on to those on the sleeves, which I thought was genius in the design. They give a much more tailored and polished look to the coat.

I forgot to mention that the shoulder pads were handstitched to the shell fabric before the lining was attached. I made sure the stitches were hidden in the ditch of the shoulder seams. The centre back seam was also redone since the first Lady Grey post, as I had to take in quite a fair bit of fabric to enhance the fit at the back and to get rid of the wrinkles. I didn’t sew any belt loops as I am not a fan of these things.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on my resort inspired dress. There has been some issues with bodice length which I am still trying to solve. Hope to update the soonest!

Have a blessed day and in case I don’t get to blog before this weekend (it’s my prince’s school holiday tomorrow so I won’t get to sew), a very happy thanksgiving everyone!


13 thoughts on “More Lady Grey Pix

  1. The coat is so lovely and you did a great job with it. BTW it is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and so in the spirit of our holiday I wish you and those who post here a wonderful and thankful day. . . Happy Thanksgiving.

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