The ‘Love’ Batik Tunic

Meet the final installment of my resort style sewing, the ‘Love’ Batik Tunic.

This beautiful batik print quilting fabric is from Amy Butler’s Love Collection and I bought the lace neckline from Brighton Accessories in Chinatown. The shift pattern I used was originally meant for a dress, the Tunic dress from the book ‘Built By Wendy Dresses’ which I have previously employed for the Tablecloth Tunic Dress but for this version I shortened the pattern and redrafted the neckline to accommodate the lace piece. I then used an off white bias tape to finish the front and back necklines before stitching on the lace.

I love this tunic! In fact, when I first received this fabric many moons ago, I knew I wanted to sew it into a tunic and wear it with my ruffles ruby shorts. So, my dream has finally become a reality.

And when you read this post, I’m most probably wearing this outfit in the island of Phuket, Thailand. We are there for a short family getaway and back Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Are you all ready for Christmas my sewing comrades?


17 thoughts on “The ‘Love’ Batik Tunic

  1. This is great and so it the tunic dress you mentioned. I am wondering, since you seem to be so good at it if, if ummmmm, you could show picture of how you do the top part of the tunic if you make another one sometime. I love tunic but I always have so much trouble with the, (I am not sure what it is called. . .) but the front the V part in front. Yours look so great and not puckered. Mine always pucker. Can you show us some pictures and give some hints on how not to pucker? Please.

  2. I love the pool party dress. If I win, I would enjoy either prize. Thanks for the giveaway! Robyn (dot) Geddes (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Thank you everyone! The getaway was pretty fun! I will do a post of it soon:)
    @Sue: Thanks for asking! Sure thing, I will take some shots when I do the v-necks next time:)

    @Peggy: I hope it’s ready for Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family:) Sorry I don’t know how to say that in French.

  4. Thanks so much Aldara:) Phuket was really relaxing, which was great! I didn’t step out of Club Med this time but I really enjoyed visiting some of the islands during my previous trips there. The Phang Nga Bay is almost mandatory and there are many small islands (such as Khai Nok Island) where visitors sunbath and feed tropical fishes. Don’t miss a good Thai massage. The sunset in Phuket is beautiful especially at Promthep, not to be missed:) When leaving Phuket there will always be a super long queue at the entrance of the departure level due to security scans. It’s way faster if you enter the terminal by the arrival level and take a lift up. Hope that helps and enjoy Phuket!

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