Valentino Retrospective

I first found out about Valentino Retrospective Past/ Present/ Future exhibition from an inflight magazine on my way to Phuket and told my husband I wanted to see this. Now, I am not a fan and actually know next to nothing about Valentino but when I read that his vintage pieces would be showcased, I knew I had to see them. It was also my first visit to Resorts World Singapore, an integrated resort which also houses the pretty new Universal Studios, convention centre and a casino.

My husband was so obliging to have accompanied me to the event. I was so excited that I even wore the ‘Reflection of the Moon’ frock, which I made from a vintage sewing pattern.

The event had only toured Europe and Brisbane, Australia before Singapore and one hundred exquisite haute couture pieces were exhibited at this inaugural Asian exhibition. At the end of it I was in awe. I have new found respect for the designer- the man’s attention to details, the rich embroideries, simple yet alluring silhouettes and his signature use of solid colors- red, white and black. The only major bummer- no photography was allowed, even without the use of flash!

Nonetheless, that didn’t hinder me from showing you some of my favorites. The out of this world cape made from layers and layers of pink chiffon is clearly fabric art at its finest.

This lovely red vintage number from 1960 which was wore by Jennifer Aniston to the UK film premiere of ‘Along came Polly’ in 2004 is simple yet breathtaking.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this white evening gown which Ashley Judd wore to the 2000 American Fashion Awards to present Valentino with the Lifetime Achievement honor. Just look at the white coil details on this perfect body hugging beauty!


Not to be missed was this signature dress wore by Julia Roberts to receive the Academy Awards. I love how the ribbons came together to form its train at the back. It’s exquisite!


And to have seen these dresses with my own eyes! The feeling is surreal! If you are interested to see more of the dresses showcased, do check out the photos herehere and here. My absolute favorites were some of his works from the 50s and 60s.

The photographs don’t really do justice to the garments as some details can not be seen from them. The event is in Singapore till 13 February 2011, so don’t miss it if you happen to be in town! Tickets are only at S$12 per adult or S$9 if you pay using mastercard.  In case you have any difficulty finding the venue, it’s just a level below the Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel.


7 thoughts on “Valentino Retrospective

  1. What beautiful dresses. I love your perspective on his work. Have you ever worked writing about fashion? You are really good. My favorite of the pictures you show here is the one Julia Roberts is wearing. It really makes her look beautiful. I also really like the pink cape and you described it perfectly by saying it is “Fabric art” If this show ever comes to America it will probably go to NY not LA. I will probably not get to see it but I am sure I would enjoy it. BTW the Refection of the Moon dress is very nice. And how sweet that your husband went with you. I hope he enjoyed himself just because he was with you.

  2. Beautiful creations! Yours too! 🙂
    I loved the movie of his anniversary and retirement. Very interesting look at modern fashion houses and how they’ve changed.
    Wonderful chance for you to see art up close.

  3. @Sue: Thanks so much for saying that:) Nope, I’ve never written for fashion. NY and LA are so far apart, they should really have one in LA too, I hope you get to see it! Yes, my husband was totally impressed with the huge amount of work done on the garments he saw.

    @Funnygrrl: Thanks so much:) Cool! I didn’t know there was a movie on that. It would be an interesting watch.

  4. you’re the second person i’d read about seeing the show. i’m envious! i like the pieces you highlighted. saw some snippets of julia roberts wearing the dress on tv and i thought she looked stunning in it.

  5. Resorts World Sentosa will allow photography without flash within the exhibition after reading your comments.

    If you do want to visit the exhibition again, you can proceed to our ticketing counter at the entrance of the exhibition for 2 complimentary passes from RWS.

    Thank you for your support & have a great 2011.

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