The Sew Convert joins Sew Weekly Challenge 2011!

Mena is the genius behind the Sew Weekly Challenge. She has sewn a garment a week last year and the challenge this year is to do so as a community. While I was still undecided about what to do differently in 2011, Sue was so sweet to tell me about the challenge. *thank you!*

Well, after much anticipation, I am so honored to be selected as one of the four contributors for the challenge. Together with Debi from Scotland, Sarah from Texas and Veronica from Australia, we will be sewing and blogging about our adventures in creating an item a week for 52 weeks! What’s more, we will be working on a common theme whenever possible. Having a community with a common theme to sew with means a great deal to me. There are too few Singaporeans who sew and none of my real life friends sew either. I am truly blessed to have you, my sewing comrades to share my passion with and now this community is adding icing to the cake!

While the community’s work will be shared on the Sew Weekly blog on a weekly basis, my blog will still run as usual detailing more of the sewing processes and showcasing more images of the garments. I will also continue to blog twice or thrice a week to share with you other projects I might be working on or other sewing related stuff so no worries 🙂

In my last blog post I mentioned that I will be busy sewing garments for the Lunar New Year. So, I do have the additional challenge of fitting the group’s theme with my own theme this month. As a result, I spent yesterday re-planning my projects but I am sure it is all worth it. This is gonna be so fun!

Btw, you can join us too by sewing a garment a week together with us and uploading your work onto the Sew Weekly flickr group.

Come join us! We can all do it together!

9 thoughts on “The Sew Convert joins Sew Weekly Challenge 2011!

  1. that’s an awesome challenge!!! 🙂 for me, it’s not the sewing that’s the difficult part… it’s the blogging about the sewing. 😉 so tempted to try it though… hmmm… good luck!!!

  2. I am so excited you are part of the Sew Weekly. I knew you would be great for it. I think Mena picked 4 really terrific ladies for the challenge. I can’t wait to see what the year unfolds.

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