Merci mister mailman!

I don’t know about you but I love receiving mails the traditional way. I love the feel of sealed envelopes with my name. The suspense of what the contents might be.

Today, I was thrilled to receive two complimentary tickets to the Valentino Retrospective exhibition courtesy of Resorts World Singapore. It was a pleasant surprise when I received an email from RWS letting me know that they have decided to allow photography at the exhibition (without flash off course) after reading my blog post! I was utterly  flattered that my lil blog made an impact and visitors can now commemorate the master’s work through inspiring photographs. The people at RWS were so thoughtful to have sent me open date tickets so I could revisit anytime and yes, snap away!!! I can’t wait!

To boost my excitement further, I received some vintage sewing patterns I ordered sometime ago. There are patterns from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Seeing them made me even more tempted to participate in Sewing Through the Decades Challenge!  Are you joining in the fun?

And have you heard? Coco Chanel is the theme for the first week of The Sew Weekly Challenge. I am happy to have completed my first dress for the year. The post will be up this Wednesday (Pacific standard time) so do look at for it! Meanwhile, do check out what the rest of the Sew Weekly team have created for this theme.

I’m now working on the Pendrell blouse (check out Tasia’s sewalong!), my sew weekly garment, a blouse for mum and a dress for my lil princess. I’m sew swamped and utterly happy! What projects are you working on right now?

Have an amazing week everyone!


8 thoughts on “Merci mister mailman!

  1. Wow what a blessing to have your blog read, and considered by the Retrospective. That is great. Love the patterns and can’t wait to see what you post on TSW on Wed.

  2. Whew! that’s a lot of projects at once! I cant wait to see your Pendrell blouse- I’m thinking of making it myself, but I was stalling to see what other folks do to adjust for a larger bust, smaller hips, lower neckline, etc.

  3. @Sue: Yes it is. I was totally shocked and honored at the same time! Thanks, I’m feeling nervous already.
    @ Bhoomika: A lot indeed. LOL. I’m just trying to take them a step at a time so i won’t stress myself. Sewing is therapeutic for me so I wanna keep it that way. I am waiting to see how the dress version is made as well:)

  4. Congratulations Adey, on a trip back to the exhibition. It’s totally worth it!

    As to the many projects, take it one at a time and keep the joy intact. It comes through beautifully in your projects every time. It would be alright to finish what you can keep for later for just that.

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