Liberty JJ Blouse

My mum and I went shopping for fabric a few months back so I could make her a new blouse for the Lunar New Year. We visited Nicole Xavier in Chinatown and bought two meters of Liberty Tana Lawn. These must be the most expensive fabrics I have ever bought but for mum, it’s definitely worth it!

She is usually rather fussy when it comes to the sewing pattern. From sewing for her the last time, I had to avoid anything with a low neckline, modern design, sleeveless or puffy sleeves. So, this time I did my research and presented to her something I thought she might fancy, the burdastyle JJ Blouse. Mum said okay almost immediately but still requested for simpler sleeves.  Personally, I am not big on ruffles but thought they will look great on mum’s skinny frame. This is perhaps the first time I have worked with some many ruffles- all six rows of them:)

I measured mum again since it has been almost half a year from her last measurement. Good thing that I did that as she seemed to have grown a size which is actually something good for her. We were all concerned when she looked too skinny, a result of her daily morning exercise routine.

The cotton lawn was a dream to work with and super buttery to feel. Usually I would finish with french seams but I didn’t think that was the best way to finish princess seams so I applied the Hong Kong seams tutorial I saw on Grosgrain. I still finished the side seams and sleeves with french.

When I tried the blouse on to see how it looked, I must say I actually quite fancied those ruffles. They went really well with the stand collar and looked good enough to be a wardrobe staple. Hmmm…perhaps I could do with a JJ blouse in my size:) The JJ I made mum is a wee bit tight at the bust, loose at the waist and definitely too short for me. But, I’ll stick with the original sleeves. I’ve never tried those type of sleeves before so they should be fun to sew.

I would love to snap some photos of mum in it when she tries it on. I hope she likes it:) Have you tried the JJ Blouse pattern yet? I think it’s a really sound pattern and it’s free.

Btw, my Sew Weekly creation for week 2, which I am loving tremendously, will be showcased on Tuesday Pacific Standard Time so do look out for it!

Have a blessed week my sewing comrades:)


13 thoughts on “Liberty JJ Blouse

  1. I have not one, not two, but four versions of the JJ in my closet, with various variations on the ruffles. I would definitely agree it’s a sound pattern—though it seems to fit those with a small bust better. Perfect for me, anyway.

    Your seam bindings are lucious! I have successfully made French seams on the JJ, by the way. The princess seams are a gentle enough curve it works fine. 🙂

  2. Looks lovely! And the fabric is gorgeous. Thanks for the tip on how to finish princess seams, I don’t like the way they look from the inside of a garment. Yours is perfection!

  3. It’s really beautifull, I like it the way it is. Your mother is blessed to have such a daugther ! Nice week !

  4. Thanks everyone!
    @Tanit-Isis: Wow 4! It really is a staple! Thanks for the tips on the french seams, I will attempt them on the princess next time:)
    @raquel: Thank you! It’s my attempt to make the clothes I make look better in the inside this year. Part of my new year resolution:)
    @funnygrrl: Yes, it feels absolutely awesome to work with fabrics that feels that good:)
    @Peggy: merci for saying that:)

  5. good fabrics speak for themselves, especially when worn. the blouse is lovely and the pattern flattering. nice job!

  6. I have a picky mom too (who I refuse to sew for!) so I can totally relate to you! 🙂 I hope she likes it! Post a picture of her with it on if you can.

  7. Love the blouse – and the fabric! Yes L of L tana lawn is a bit pricey, but I’ve never regretted purchasing it, sewing it, or wearing it! Enjoy your very pretty blouse!

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