Cheongsams with a twist

Every Friday our daily newspaper comes with a fashion supplement called ‘Urban’ and many a times, it gives an inspirational boost to my Friday mornings.

Today is one of those days! Check out these cheongsams with a twist featured in the supplement. I’m truly inspired to sew one with echino fabric like this one! Such an adorable Mod look!

And I adore the red polka dots and retro feel of this one though I would have prefer it with a stand collar. It didn’t look cheongsam without one.

And this color block version from Louis Vuitton (a smaller keyhole will up its wearability at my household) is kinda of refreshing!

My other fave source of inspiration is definitely etsy and today I chanced upon a super-duper talented tailor of ‘cheongsams with a twist’ there! OMG, check these out and more at the shop FlowerAge! I can only aspire to create something close to her level! I’m so excited to share these favorites of mine with you!

Black and white vertical print cheongsam with bell-shaped sleeves.

The perfect ensemble of print mixing plaid cheongsam with a houndstooth bolero!

How irresistible is this leopard print cheongsam with flare skirt!

Cheongsam chic is back!

TGIF! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


14 thoughts on “Cheongsams with a twist

  1. With the flare especially, this cut would be so flattering on a lot of my friends that are concerned about being ‘pear-shaped.” Not sure why it never occurred to me to use that collar with another bottom, but it looks great! Thanks for sharing =D

  2. Wow! Such inspiration! I just found a vintage cheongsam pattern at the thrift store the other day and am dying to try it out! These are a great twist on tradition!

  3. Please attempt the Mod look one..!! I think it’ll be really cute on you.
    So great that you have sewn your own cheongsam for this Lunar New Year.

  4. i miss flipping thru’ urban! thanks for sharing this. 🙂
    i’d so want to wear the echino print one!! let me know if you’re going to make one like it. i too want to attempt at making! i could get all the advice i need from you, starting from the pattern. 🙂

  5. These are just fabulous.
    Anything that keeps a classic style alive and thriving should be embraced.
    I think some look a bit warm for Singapore unless the air conditioning is freezing. I do like oufit with the jacket because the generous jacket collar frames the collar on the dress and the face of the woman.

  6. You are most welcomed Fiona! That’s my favorite of the lot. I want to make it but doubt it will be before CNY. I don’t have the fabric and it will take around 2 weeks to arrive after ordering. If you are still keen to sew it with me after CNY, we can definitely discuss the pattern:) How? Let me know and we can schedule after you complete the Swing dress sewalong?

  7. @Alexandra Mason: It’s so cute! Have a great weekend too!
    @Sertyan: Yes I want to but I doubt I can get it done before the Lunar New Year since I am also sewing new year clothes for the family:)
    @Tanit-Isis: Great choice. Not practical for my weather but fab for yours!
    @Fynn: You are most welcomed! I love the combination too:)

  8. Oh I really like the last three but then I am (much) older so the covered look appeals to me. Can’t wait to see if you make one. I know it will look amazing.

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  10. I am totally loving these looks. I have always thought that the cheongsam is such a beautiful, form-fitting style…and the brocade materials area just out of this world. I do have a thing about not being too “copy-cat” when it comes to such a traditional and national classic style, especially when you’re not from that region. That’s why these alternative cheongsams are AMAZING! I love them! Thank you!

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