Behind the Seams: “The Blue Garden” Frock

Whilst discussing the themes for TSW Challenge, the five of us soon realized that we all have some blue floral fabric in our stash. That’s how this week’s theme ended up as ‘Something floral, something blue’! My TSW post can be found here.

“The Blue Garden” Frock was made in a baby blue floral cotton lawn I bought from Chinatown. I was drawn to how sweet and vintage inspired the fabric looked. However, compared to the Liberty tana lawn or the Alexander Henry cotton lawn I have recently used here and here, the fabric was a disappointment. It crinkles at lightning speed!

This dress was inspired by Grosgrain’s “Summer at the Country House Frock” which I have been eyeing since last August and based on the burdastyle Wiesn Dirndl sewing pattern.

Photo Gallery

The Outdoor photoshoot

It’s strange and funny at the same time but the sun is always playing hide and seek with me. I took my camera and tripod downstairs when I saw the sunny sky from my bedroom window but once I was downstairs, it became cloudy and only after I have gotten home and started downloading the images on my macbook that it became sunny again. I was very self-conscious during the session as I bumped into two estate gardeners and two neighbors who were all wondering what I was up to. Some crazy woman taking shots of herself in her own estate! Oh gosh! Oh gosh!

Taking photographs of the garments I have made is quick and easy in front of my bathroom mirror but a totally different ball game outdoors. I hope I will get better at it and become less self-conscious. That will certainly take time… Nonetheless, I am thankful that it’s finally sunny again. Spring is coming and I am hoping for clearer skies and hopefully clearer photos too!

Piping made easy

I took the opportunity to snap some photos of how I sewed the piping using what I think is the quickest and easiest way to get them done. Off course I have no idea if it is the best method but here goes:

Step 1: Using an erasable fabric marker, mark the seam allowance on the right side of fabric where you intend to place the piping.

Step 2: Pin the piping onto the fabric with the piping being placed just above the markings.

Step 3: Baste the piping onto the fabric

Step 4: Place the fabrics together right sides facing. Using the baste line as a guide, stitch over the baste line.
Step 5: Iron the seams. It’s done!
Have a lovely weekend! I hope the weather is good at your end of the world!

27 thoughts on “Behind the Seams: “The Blue Garden” Frock

  1. The dress is lovely, and I think the fabric is really sweet. I know what you mean about feeling selfconscious taking photos of yourself – I feel self conscious even when I’m getting my boyfriend to take pics of my latest creations!
    Thanks for the tips of the piping, it’s something I’ve been wanting to try some time…the idea of following the basting line makes a lot of sense!

  2. Beautiful dress! I love that print too and the piping is perfect. Can totally relate to the outdoor photo shoot situation. The lighting is much better outdoors and we have our lovely greenery (although we have cloud, rain and wind thrown in these days too). But I never feel comfortable taking shots outside beacause there are so many people who know me who will be walking past and questions will inevitably follow.

  3. Just to wish you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Lunar New Year to you and your family Adey! A little ahead because I’ll be out of town but bountiful wishes all the same:).

  4. Very cute– I’d never be able to pull something that floral and pastel off, but it looks lovely on you! And the piping is a very nice touch.

  5. I love this dress and the bit of white lace that hangs below the skirt is really a beautiful touch. Also thanks for showing us how you did the piping. It is one of the touches I like best and though I have used piping it is not always easy.

  6. This is sooooo pretty ! great job, and I love the piping inserted in the princess seams. I was actually just thinking about something like this yesterday, to do on a Tasia’s Pendrell Blouse…
    Your dress is really lovely !

  7. Thank you everyone! I am glad some of you find my piping notes useful!
    @Marie Fo: thanks for the suggestion:) How can I not think of that! Now I have to save for the Liberty fabric:)
    @Jali: Exactly! It’s such a weird feeling when people see you photographing yourself! Thank you so much and have a good trip!
    @PetiteJosette: I think piping will look great on the Pendrell as well, go for it!
    @Camille: Wow! That’s a HUGE compliment!

  8. What a lovely dress, especially with piping! The shape is very nice.

    I had to laugh at your photoshoot story. I’m sure most people couldn’t even imagine what you were doing! My 10 year old son is my photographer. One day the doorbell rang during a “photoshoot”. My son answered the door, but told his friend he couldn’t play right now because he was taking pictures of his mom. I was mortified!

  9. How pretty! I ADORE the piping!

    The outdoor photo shoot is great! You really do look relaxed even though you weren’t feeling like you were.


  10. Hi. Love your blog. This is related to your Ahoy! post (30/9/10). I’m making the
    cape vest No.2 from Drape Drape & can’t work out where to put the pattern piece
    that looks like a strip and measures 2cm x 27.5cm. I know it has something to do
    with pulling in the waistline. Could you please help. Thanks.

  11. Hi Topstitch, are you referring to the bias strips for the sleeve openings, it’s #5? The other strip pieces # 2-1 and 2-2 are joining pieces 1-1 and 1-2 at the waist. Hope that helps:)

  12. Thanks kindly. The strip piece (#5) now makes sense. Second question – on page 45 there is an arrow pointing from the back view to detailed close up of the waist. I figure whatever it is you’re meant to do here is suppose to pull in the waist. What did you do here?
    information sharing is truly wonderful 🙂

  13. I’m glad that helped:) The arrow is telling you to fold in the seam allowance on the strip and attach to the upper back piece and the lower back piece. It basically joins the two pieces. Repeat for the inside pieces. Hope that clarifies.

  14. I know what you mean about the photos – it’s so hard not to feel self-conscious, isn’t it?!! I’m still at the stage where I’m twisting my boyfriends arm to take photos so I don’t have to take them of myself, so I admire your bravery in getting out there alone with your tripod! One day I’ll do the same…..!

  15. After reading this post I actually said….
    Oh its so easy referring to piping.
    I love this dress but piping kinda freaks me out. Not now. You helped so much!!!!
    Thank you!

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