Behind the Seams: The Glossy Jumpsuit

How are you my sewing comrades? I’m been busy feasting, perhaps a little too much during all the festivity. Behind the Seams this week is gonna be short and sweet as my hubby is on leave for a couple of days.

This week’s TSW theme is stash busting and I made a jumpsuit out of black cotton fabric from a 1970s sewing pattern, both of which have been in my stash for around 4 months, which is essentially half my sewing history! My TSW Challenge post can be found here.

Jumpsuits is something you either love or hate. I am just wondering which is it for you? Is it something you’ll never wear or something you’ll wear readily? For me, I have been wearing jumpsuits a lot, it’s my favorite outfit after dresses:)

The Gallery

Pattern Review

I used View C from McCalls 5366 sewing pattern from the 1970s. The ‘Quick and Easy’ bit really motivated me to use this sewing pattern as I had very little time to sew during lunar new year.

Like most of the jumpsuit sewing patterns I saw on etsy, the 70s jumpsuit is an easy-going outfit with centre front zip and some sort of tie belt like these:

I was surprised that the pattern came with no darts for shaping and so I had to take in the sides. The gathers at the front of the jumpsuit is the only thing that makes it interesting. I also opted for no collar for my version.

The fabric I have used was bought in Shanghai. It was the first time I saw such woven cotton fabrics with a satin glossy finish and slight stretch in the width. I love the gloss and how elegant it made the otherwise ordinary jumpsuit looked.

We are sewing for Valentines’ Day next so why not join us for TSW Challenge! I’m all excited about the upcoming themes, they only get better!

Have a great sewing week everyone!


16 thoughts on “Behind the Seams: The Glossy Jumpsuit

  1. You look amazing in this outfit. I’m afraid I have to weigh in on the “dislike” side of the jumpsuit debate. I made a couple loose fitting jumpsuits when I was pregnant thinking they’d be comfortable, but all I remember about them was having to completely disrobe for every bathroom visit.

  2. You are looking elegant in the black jumpsuit! I don’t think I would have put elegant and jumpsuit in the same sentence but you’ve made this work really well.

  3. love it! I have a ton of these vintage patterns from my grandmother and my aunt. A few are ’60’s/70’s but most are 50’s. Too bad that they were both TINY compared to me. Still, I just can’t bare to part with them. Love your blog!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Marjorie: I know what you mean. The jumpsuit isn’t exactly the best thing to wear when we’re expecting:) And yes, the slight hazzle is something I put up with when wearing them.

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