My First Vintage Fabrics

The girls doing TSW Challenge have made some fabulous outfits using vintage fabrics and that has really rubbed off on me. Here are Mena and Veronica in two of my favorite vintage fabrics used in the TSW Challenge so far! I really do fancy prints so these absolutely appeal to me.

I know, the two photos I’ve posted here all happened to be blue fabrics but I think you get the idea. Vintage fabric are just so unique! And many of them are so beautiful. I already have quite a collection of vintage sewing patterns waiting to be used but absolutely no vintage fabrics. So, I ended up ordering and recently received my very first batch of vintage fabrics. Here’s a peep at them.

I’m delighted!

Do you buy vintage fabric? What do you normally look out for when buying them and do you have a favorite seller? I’m keen to know more:)

Have a fabulous week my sewing comrades!


12 thoughts on “My First Vintage Fabrics

  1. Happy lunar new year to you and your family!!! I really enjoyed your photos especially from your CNY post. (I am from Melaka, which is very near to Sg). Anyhow back to your question, I was given 3 bolts of Liberty London fabrics from the 70s. Those are truly vintage with paisley prints etc.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  2. Have you tried hunting around thrift stores; salvation army? i love love vintage fabric and those few novelty print ones i have i’ve been lucky to be gifted with. i usually hoard them and use in small amount. if i require a bigger yardage for dress/cloth making, i’ll have to resort to looking for reproductions/vintage like ones.

    btw, i like the red with clover prints you’d picked out.

    i’m always checking out vintage fabric online on etsy, ebay; australian vintage fabric sites, etc which i’m sure you know about.. 🙂 happy fabric hunting!

  3. ooohhh…how exciting! I adore the red fabric!! I don’t have a lot of vintage fabric but I did find some online and also in thrift shops (lots of 60’s and 70’s stuff as bedsheets and curtains!) 🙂

  4. Take a drive to Melaka and I’ll bring you to Salvation Army. There is a Gulati’s shop and Kamdar, both carrying a variety of fabrics… often including vintage inspired prints, if you have a good eye for them (at a cheap price to boot!). Lots of exciting new shops and restaurants are set up recently in Melaka, so a drive is quite worth the effort!

  5. Happy lunar new year to you and your familly.
    All the special clothes you made for it were perfect.
    My aunt uses to sew but now she has no more time or desire and she gives me all her fabrics from everywhere and everytime. Today, I’m wearing a dress made with asian silk and “dentelle de Calais”.
    But I still buy some secondhand vintage fabrics.
    Have a nice week-end.

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