OMG! I can finally access my blog!

I’m so sorry that there’s no Behind the Seams this week. My blog has been down since last Thursday and WP just sent me an email to say it’s working again but I think some things are still being fixed. I am still having some difficulty loading images for instance. I am also seriously behind in my updates for MMM2011 which I had originally planned to post on Saturday. I’ll catch up soon once everything is working but meanwhile you can check out my TSW creation this week here.It’s based on this week’s theme- an inspiration from local place.

Hope to share more soon! Have a blessed week!

Updates: Since I can now upload photos, I’m posing some photos of the Fly & Chill Dress inspired by the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport:)



11 thoughts on “OMG! I can finally access my blog!

  1. Hi Adey,
    I’m glad you are nearly back to normal with your blog, I am a big fan of yours!
    I wanted to ask you about the laser cut fabric you used in this project, is it man made material? It doesn’t fray, does it?

  2. Great to see you back!

    You look a bit different from usual in your ‘fly and chill’ dress (that must be the headband), but very pretty! I love how the dress fits perfectly with the background (and yes, I make a comment on the dress even if it’s not a ‘behind the seams’ post!).

  3. I love this dress. I saw it and most of this years outfits on SW but I just had to stop in and tell you again how much I like it. It reminds me of the 60’s and the shoes are way better than anything worn in the 60’s. The inspiration for the dress was pretty awesome too.

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