Guest post on Grosgrain

Oh! It’s up, it’s up! I am so honored  to be guest posting on Grosgrain today with my tutorial on making this Sunny Resort Blouse. Do check it out and you can create your own version. Use more fabric and you can make a dress out of the same method!

I have always been in awe of the stunning outfits Kathleen from Grosgrain has made, her ingenuity and creativity as well as all the love she spread with her giveaways!

The Grosgrain blog is a must visit for me on a daily basis. Besides being an avid reader of the blog, I have also participated in her Frock By Friday sewalongs and learnt many great tips from her tutorials and refashioning posts.

I adore the photographs and styling too and know I have so much to learn in those areas.

I can’t wait for her sewing patterns to be up on site! I can foresee myself sewing up quite a few of her designs and am looking forward to learning about grading from her tutorial! Oh and if you are a sewing mama, like us, you absolutely have to check out all the breathtaking costumes she has made her girls!

It’s gonna be a fantastic month of free patterns! Oh gosh! Mum, I’m on Grosgrain!


15 thoughts on “Guest post on Grosgrain

  1. Thank you for this! It’s a beautiful top. I have a question on the tutorial… It might be really silly but I am a beginner.. Does the belt go through both layers of fabric or just through the front piece? Thank you!

  2. Ahhhhh! I was also going to ask about the belt loops so thank you Allona! I made myself a blouse today *my first piece of clothing made by me for me* and am really happy with it! Now to make the belt and loops. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I’m looking forward to treating myself to the more expensive material I was eying now that I know I like the look of this style on me.

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