Behind the Seams: “A new lease of life” easter dress

On The Sew Weekly, our challenge is all about creating a dress to go with a particularly charming hat. For me I chose to sew a dress for easter. We don’t have an easter parade here so as a christian, we celebrated the day in church. Read more about the inspiration behind this dress on my TSW post here.

Using easter and my savior’s love as its basis, I chose a vintage fabric (yes, my first made me garment in vintage!) and gave it new life in the form of this dress and likewise I chose to have my photo shoot this week at CHIJMES, the location of my junior high school which have been conserved and redeveloped as a lifestyle venue. Hence, the name for the dress.

Given the hot and humid climate in Singapore, I started wearing hats for sun protection and that slowly but surely grew my hat collection. I chose a knitted brown hat and decorated it with brooches for this challenge and used a US$10 for 5 yard cotton fabric to sew the matching dress (I used 3 yards and still have 2 for another project!). The vintage fabric is from an estate sale and re-sold to me from an etsy seller. It was a really blessed find as looking for vintage fabric on etsy and ebay is very much like searching for needles in a haystack.

The gallery

The Danielle free pattern

The pattern I used is the Danielle free pdf pattern from burdastyle. I drafted the additional neckline pieces, modified the original neckline and went sleeveless for my version which was inspired by Chie (Vivat Veritas’) version. I kept mine a little more modest at the neckline and with a longer pleated skirt. I decided not to put a how to for the neckline here since the dress is from Chie new collection.

Back to my review of the Danielle. I was skeptical of the high midriff band but it actually worked out pretty nicely. I did however add a few inches to it. The fit of the dress came as a quite a surprise, it was both flattering and comfortable to move around in.
The pattern provided me with very well drafted and thought out facings pieces so it is very easy to create a sleeveless version. Given the many versions of Danielle I have seen, this pattern is a great basic piece to start with, to make just like the original design or with modifications.  The pattern is part of the older burdastyle downloads with better instructions than the burda magazine downloads and comes with seam allowance. The best part is it is free so I’ll recommend giving it a try if you like dresses.

I am gonna keep this post short and quickly finish up my next project before another long weekend here.

Have a blessed week and if you haven’t, do check out my guest post on Grosgrain with a free blouse tutorial.


16 thoughts on “Behind the Seams: “A new lease of life” easter dress

  1. i’ve been enjoying looking at your creations lately! the alteration at the neckline is amazing. i could never have guessed the base pattern was a “Danielle”. n what fab find of the fabric. it looks great on you! 🙂

  2. love love love this so very much! i especially like the strategic placement of the red flowers near the neckline. lovely!

  3. This is beautiful! I’ve been toying with the idea of attempting to modify some patterns (talk about running before you can walk!) and this has definitely inspired me to try a modified version of the Danielle dress. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment Alliandre! You must try modification! I find that I derive lots of satisfaction and learn a lot through that process and what better than owning pieces that are unique too!

  5. I am adoring your creations Adey. They are just lovely and I love the special nuggets of inspiration behind each of your projects.

    Have a wonderful(and cool) week!

  6. Thanks Jali! I’m glad you like the dress and the inspiration behind it. The weather is so HOT these few days but I’ll try to keep my cool:) Have a wonderful week too and happy polling!

  7. This is gorgeous! Any chance of you doing a tutorial about how you modified the original pattern?? I’m really curious to see how you did!

  8. gorgeous dress! love your version:) i first used danielle and kept the dart in the bust area, but the second time i made it, i turned the dart into princess seams, and i think that helped the fit better. sometimes danielle patterns bust dart gives some “pointy” bust look, which i dont like..:p


  9. hello
    i just discovered your blog and i’m fascinated, how prolific you are ! This project is maybe one of my favorites, and gives me the envy to try this pattern.
    Do you remember how many inches you added to the belt, and if you made any other change in the skrit to adapt ?
    one thing is sure, i add your blog to my rss reader, it’s really an amazing job you’re doing here 🙂
    elise from france

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