Giveaway winner and Anniversary Giveaway Part 2: Vintage Patterns

Thank you all for participating in my sewing/ blogging anniversary giveaway. The very blessed winner of the Japanese box is Curvy Kitty who blogs at my secret robot army and is #40 on the comment list, the random number generated by Congratulations Curvy Kitty! I’ll be in touch soon for your mailing address. Kitty sent me a link to a 1940s blue corduroy overalls  on a doll as an inspiration outfit.

She said “My fashion inspiration is quite creepy love that 40s style!” I was a little freaked by the doll initially but in true honesty, I loved her light blue outfit! It might just become an inspiration for  an outfit one day!

And thank you for all the feedback, I’m glad some of you liked the improvement in photos and noted that some of you asked for more tutorials. Without further ado, here’s part 2 of the giveaway as promised! And I loved many of the inspiration links you gals left me and have decided to try recreating some of them for my own wardrobe!

For this week’s giveaway, there are three vintage patterns for three winners. These are all patterns I have used so they are tried & tested and ready to be shared.

1) One size fits all 1950s Apron pattern which I used for the “As you like it” apron. I love love love this pattern but unfortunately do not cook much so one apron is more than enough for me:)

2) Vintage Simplicity 8442, Size 12 Bust 34 which I used for the blues’ resort dress.

The blues resort dress

3) Vintage Simplicity 8278, Size 12, Bust 34 which I used for the Fly & Chill dress.

Fly & Chill Dress

I would like to know more about YOU this week! To participate in this giveaway, please tell me three things about yourself and if you blog, please leave a link. I’ll like to read more about you too. Remember to let me know if you’d like item 1, 2 or 3. This giveaway will end 21 May 2011.

Keep the comments coming! Blessed weekend!

33 thoughts on “Giveaway winner and Anniversary Giveaway Part 2: Vintage Patterns

  1. 1) I browsed tutorial/diy blogs for over 6 months before I attempted my first project.
    2) I can touch my nose with my tongue.
    3) I am an accountant who listens to heavy metal when nobody else is in the office.


    I would want pattern #2. I *love* pockets!

    And my blog is here!

  2. I’d love #1 – the apron pattern.
    1.) I still depend on sewing blogs and google for sewing assistance/help.
    2.) Sewing and cooking are the two areas I use to release my creative side, although I use other peoples designs and recipies.
    3.) I am currently STUCK because I can’t decide what my next sewing project is going to be. Hopefully I’ll get a bright idea within the next few hours.

    I blog at

  3. -my great-aunt who was a seamstress taught me how to sew when I was 10 and I haven’t stopped since
    -I have SHORT hair
    -newly discovered loves: vintage patterns and Swedish birds

    I like pattern 2 a lot!

  4. Hi ! My favorite pattern is #3. I would love to wear a dress like that !
    3 things about myself : I’m from Paris, my favorite color is blue, and I am hosting a giveaway on my blog too 🙂

  5. wow! what generous giveaway. 🙂
    about me:
    1) i need caffeine to start my day. coffee is my friend but i substitute it with tea nowadays.
    2) my 3 yr old son calls me ‘mummy darling’ cos he thought ‘darling’ is my name and i refuse to correct him to date.
    3) i love to read. haruki murakami is a current fave author

    I’ll love to have no.1. 🙂 thank you for sharing!

  6. 1. I was taught to sew at the age of 10 by my mother and hated it…over twenty years passed, I had children of my own, and then I took it up again. Now I am hooked and eat, breathe and sleep sewing.

    2. The strangest thing I have ever sewn is a cover for a canoe, to protect it from the elements when being stored and transported.

    3. I am a teacher and my students always play the game of “guess what items she is wearing that she sewed herself”. They can never really tell for sure, which makes me happy.

    I love pattern #3. It reminds me of pictures of my mom from when she was younger – she sewed her own clothes and had many dresses in that sort of style (but not quite as funky as this one – LOVE it)

  7. Three things…. Hmmmmmm…..

    1) I wear crazy brightly coloured vintage styled clothes to work and have crazy brightly coloured hair. And I work at a bank.
    2) My boyfriend and I adopted a new kitten last Sunday. She’s called Roxy, is adorable, and is currently doing laps around our lounge.
    3) Like Kristi G, I can touch my nose with my tongue as well. 🙂

    I’d love any of those patterns – they’re all adorable, and you’ve made some amazing things out of them! If I had to chose though, it would be number 2, very very closely followed by number 3. (Or possibly the other way around. Hmmmmm…..)

  8. Hmmm. Interesting things about me…

    1) If you ask me about my favorite anything (color, meal, season, location, fruit…), I’d be unable to pick just one, I’d tell you at least my top 5, at that point in time, in no particular order.
    2) Two careers I considered beside Medicine were Physics and Photography/Design.
    3) I play/act in a drama group.

    I’d love to win #3. Yay for wrap styles!

  9. You look gorgeous in that apron 🙂 It is also my favourite pattern.
    Three things about me:
    1) I only started sewing last year June and now cannot live without my sewing machine
    2) I am also starting to knit, ideally vintage garments.
    3)I am Portuguese but was born in Germany. Now I live in UK with my English partner and work for the National Health Service in Public Health.

    My ramblings at

  10. oh, that doll would give me nightmares. that is awesome.

    three things! i am a cat person… i use a regular zipper foot to install invisible zippers… and i prefer brightly colored pens and notebooks to a digital calender.

    i’m at (how did kristi g get that fancy link in there?) and i would adore patter #2, but would be happy as well with pattern #3, or, you know, THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF YOUR CLOSET.

  11. 1) I sew on my great grandmother’s 1904 Singer and a 70s Fashion Mate by Singer that is exactly like my mom’s that I learned on. My husband got it for me for my last birthday off of craigslist for $25.

    2) I just made my first dress without a pattern. It turned out pretty good. Not wonderful, but pretty good.

    3) I am an artist that teaches elementary students and used to paint murals and faux finishes for a living before I had kids.

    My ‘blog’ is to a few close friends by email. I haven’t made the jump yet.

    I LOVE #3. The fly and chill dress is totally my style – and way of life. ; )

  12. I love your vision! Definitely pattern #3. I love your finished piece!!

    #1) Although I said I never would, I homeschool our three children and I love it!

    #2) I love to set sleeves, but I’m afraid of elastic 😉

    #3) We have a ferret (how’s that for random??)

  13. Definitly, my favorite pattern is the n°1!

    And about me…

    1)I’ve learned to sew all by myself, and I’m quite proud of it
    2)I’ve really improved my english and now I can read english fantasy books, it’s really really better than the french translation. (But my english is still imperfect and I learn new vocabulary every day)
    3)My husband is Vietnamese and I’m so proud now to be called an Nguyen!

  14. I would like pattern #3 and if I win I will be sewing a first handmade piece for myself!

    (1) I have a 20 month old baby girl who is still fully breastfeeding (apart from solids) because I ‘spoil’ her too much by not giving any formula initially so she has become very stubborn and refuses powder milk now, so I am not sure when I can wean her to go to play school next year! haha!

    (2) I am always making dresses for her and my favourite look on her are peter pan collars, you can see all of them in my blog here:

    (3) I wish I can quit my job and do something in the sewing/fashion industry (wishful thinking!)

  15. (I tried to post last night, but it didn’t show up. I don’t think I said anything offensive, but I’ll try to keep it clean this time 😉

    I had just finished posting to my blog about how I loved your “Fly and Chill” dress and had picked up the pattern for 25 cents (score!), so I guess I won’t enter the give-away. I’ll answer the questions for fun anyway:

    1. I am a travel addict and have travelled on 5 continents, and I have fabric from each one. antarctica and australia remain. Probably won’t find much in Antarctica…
    2. I’ve never been interested in getting married.
    3. I moved to a french speaking area of the country 13 years ago, but I’m still not fluent. That’s why I’m sending my kids to french school (they certainly won’t learn it at home!)


  16. ooohhh.. fab giveaway and great questions…
    1) I think I am going to start running again…I’ve done marathons in the past,
    2) Like Oonabaloona, I am a cat person….we just recently added 2 felines to our family
    3) I stayed up all night on Friday to sew up a dress for the Saturday UK sew weekly meet up 🙂

    I blog over at:

  17. I can’t believe how much better your dresses look than the illustrations!
    About me, hmmm…
    1) I have a ton of fabric that I love but can’t quite commit to cutting up for sewing, is this normal?
    2) I love gardening, garden design and growing things in general.
    3) I love singing folk songs and billie holiday to my two little boys

    I like pattern number two, not sure how i’d get on with it though. Still firmly a novice…I wish there’d been more blogs and resources around before the boys were born, I’d have had more time then!

  18. Adey, I love all these patterns, how can I choose! I think pattern 2 is a favorite of the vintage patterns you have used.
    1. I have sewn for my home and my kids, but still not for myself. But the Ginger sew-along is going to fix that.
    2. I love to do furniture make-overs
    3. I was extremely shy growing up, but my husband has helped me become much more social.

  19. Oh my, I love your Blue’s resort dress so I’d have to say that I would pick pattern number 2 – Vintage Simplicity 8442.

    Three things about me are:
    1. I love to craft, especially sew
    2. My Mum brought me my first sewing machine when I was 18, and has been a fantastic source of inspiration ever since.
    3. I have 2 boys and a husband who are my world!

    Thanks for reading.

  20. Hi Adey! Thanks for this giveaway, I would love #2 (a dress I wouldn’t think to make until I saw your version – pretty!). Oh, and thank you for that wrap skirt tutorial – definitely on my “to make” list!

    (1) I learned to sew in Los Angeles when I lived there for 2 years and have not looked back!
    (2) My Colombian grandmother worked in New York’s Garment District as a seamstress when she and her family first moved to this country.
    (3) I’m constantly on the lookout for fitted blouse patterns (all I have now are loose fitting ones that I always have to tuck in to give me some shape!).

    I blog at

  21. I recently started taking a sewing class so that I can start sewing for myself. I’ve been sewing for my 3 year old daughter for a couple of years and want to take it up a notch. I also have a 1 year old son that I hope to start sewing for soon! Love your creations and photos and I actually love all of the patterns! I do have a blog but it is private. I blog about my children and my sewing projects. I hope to be sewing more as I’ve gotten myself into a sewing rut. Any suggestions on how to get out?

  22. I like pattern 3, but I think I would love to win pattern 2, its very me. So three things about myself
    1)I have two lovely little girls, who are the light of my life.
    2)I love to sew, and have discovered a new love for all things handcrafted
    3)I am attempting to thrift/make all my and my children’s clothes, toys and activites.

    My blog is here

  23. Hi Adeyl

    1) i am a full time working mother of 3 young kids.

    2) i check out sewing blogs every day

    3) i wish there are sewing gathering in this little island of ours.

    i would love a pattern 3. can i downsize the pattern and make something retro for my dd?

    my blog is at

    thank you for being so inspiring!

  24. Hi Adey, I like pattern 3! Here are the three things about me:

    1. I am both a biological and an adoptive mom – I have two boys and two girls.
    2. I have been sewing for about a year and a half and have so far managed to avoid sewing buttonholes and zips! I will learn to one day soon!
    3. Apart from sewing, I like to read and bake.

    My blog is

  25. I love pattern 3 (or 2).

    1. I have two boys who are both playing baseball (two different teams) and it’s keeping me very busy right now.
    2. I am in the middle of sewing teacher gifts for the end of the year and need to be making my youngest son a cow costume of some kind for his year-end program.
    3. When making costumes for said son, I usually cheat and do something using a glue gun instead of sewing because I am huge procrastinator! His whale costume came out great though with the help of Decor Bond, my husband, a black sheet and a ninja Halloween costume 🙂 I’m pretty sure his cow costume will involve the same ninja costume after I rip the fin off of it.

    My blog is a book review blog and it can be found here if you are interested:

  26. Thanks again for your great giveaways. I love pattern #3 – and have been searching Ebay and Etsy for something similar…so maybe I won’t have to if I win.

    1. I am British; I lived in Grand Cayman, British West Indies for 2 years; went sailing for 6 months, and have been living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the past 12 years.
    2. I’ve been sewing for about a year and have learnt a lot from some great online sewing tutorials and have been inspired by bloggers homemade clothes.
    3. My parents owned a wool shop for a few years when I was 14 and my mum taught me and my sisters how to knit. I hadn’t made anything in many years, but recently took it up again and made a baby blanket for a friends baby shower. Next will be some lovely vintage sweater patterns.

    Creating seems to breed more creating…..

  27. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I’d love the apron if I win. 🙂

    Let’s see, 3 things…

    1.) I have two bunnies as pets, Baxter (a female lop, which was misgendered and I didn’t have the heart to change her name) and Quincy.
    2.) I loathe hemming up my garments. I’ll let a project sit, fully completed for weeks, because the hem just needs to get finished.
    3.) I love trying my hand at new crafts of all sorts; I’ll try anything once.

    My blog is

  28. Lovely giveaway! I would love to enter for number 2 please.

    1. I can’t stop making things and love to experiment with different materials.
    2. I love studying and learning about new things, i think i was the only one at art college who asked for homework 🙂
    3. I love driving.

    My blog is

  29. I’d love to win number 2.

    1. I’m supposed to be working (my family is sleeping and it is finally quiet enough in my house for me to work) but instead I’m leaving a reply on your blog.
    2. I live in a house that is 100 years old.
    3. Right now, on my sewing table is a crib bumper and crib skirt for a special little boy who was born early with a heart defect. According to the doctors, he’s not supposed to be alive, but he just made it through heart surgery and he’s recovering faster than anybody ever dreamed. I feel like I’m racing to get it done before he gets well enough to come home. But truly, it’s a race I wouldn’t mind losing.

    thanks for the giveaway. My blog is

  30. I love you work and choice of patterns. You inspire this 62 year old mother, grandmother.

  31. 1) Today is my 7th Anniversary! (And was picked because 21 is my favorite number!)
    2) I can’t bring myself to make a quilt. It just seems so boring…straight lines? Not that I don’t love homemade quilts!
    3) My name is Amber, but when I was a kid I would have like any other A name, i.e. Amelia, Amy, Amanda, Alexandra, Alexis…

    Pattern 2 is my favorite!
    PS I loved your animal print Pendrell blouse!

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