An eventful week and giveaway winners

I’m sorry for the delay. It hasn’t been the best of weeks for us and at the end of it, I am thankful that everyone is all right.

My hubby was ill on Tuesday and while we were at the clinic, my dad called to say that mum had a car accident.  Thank God she wasn’t injured but her car would be at the workshop for at least a week. So, hubby and I spent almost a day driving around checking on her, her car, meeting the owner of the car she collided with and finding a good workshop. Mum was shaking when we met her and complained of chest pains so we got her to visit the doctor and rest for a couple of days.

The following day, my lil princess fell in school and now sports a 2-centimeter bump on her forehead. We rushed her to the pediatrician that evening and had to observe her for 48 hours.

I felt tired and rather distracted this week after all that happenings and that I think made me indecisive and fickle. While working on my new Sew Weekly project  for a summer dress, I decided half way through that I preferred the top and bottom as separates rather than a dress. So, I started on another dress on Thursday afternoon. I hope that project works out.

On a brighter note, reading all your comments here and on the Sew Weekly always cheers me up so thank you all for that. And while I was posting new photos on flickr, I discovered that the Honor Roll has made an adorable blouse from my sunny resort blouse pattern. I love that she used a stripe bias tape for contrast and finished her tie belt with those stripes too!

Julie from Vibrant Designs also made a pretty lace version of the 1-hour Kaftan. Love those sleeves!

I am so honoured that Chie from Viva Veritas found my piping tutorial easy to follow and created these new lovelies with piping!  She is such a creative and inspiring talent and I can’t wait to see the photos of her outfits from her June photo shoot! Did you see her scallop waist skirt free pattern? I’m sewing that up for sure!

As some of you know, I started documenting tips/tutorials on a more regular basis since the beginning of the year so it feels fantastic each time someone uses them. One thing about coming up with tutes is I have no idea if I conveyed the steps clearly enough so it is quite reassuring when someone uses it and it works. Tutes can also be super time consuming to document so when it is used, I have a feeling that the time was well spent. Thank you so much ladies!

Now, without further ado, part 2 of my anniversary giveaway.  Before I announce the winners. I just wanted to thank you all for taking time to participate and to tell me 3 interesting things about yourselves! I really enjoyed reading and learning more about you and visited your blogs to find out more too:)

The winners are:

Vintage Simplicity 8278- Sertyan #16

Vintage Simplicity 8442- Crystal #20

1950s Apron pattern -Fiona #6 generator was used and I got 3 winners who wanted the 3 different patterns straight away! Marvelous!  If you are reading this, please email me your mailing address so I can send the patterns to you! Congratulations!

Have a blessed weekend, here’s wishing everyone a better week ahead!

6 thoughts on “An eventful week and giveaway winners

  1. Hi Adey, How terrible it must have been for all of you. Things do seem to come in 3s so hopefully, no more of these scary incidents! I came across your blog recently & am in awe by your sewing. I can’t follow any pattern as they give me headaches! Have a good weekend !

  2. Sorry to hear about your crazy week too! So glad your mum is ok. Car accidents are really scary!! Also good news that your daughter and husband are feeling better! Sending lots of love your way and thank you for the really sweet comment on my sew weekly post!!

    xoxoxoxo Debi

  3. All that would wear out anyone. Thank goodness everyone is alright and hope all are in the pink of health soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. it must have been nerve wrecking. hope mum is feeling better and that everyone in your family is happy and healthy already. wishing you peaceful days ahead!

    and… goodness, is that my name up there?
    i’m doing a mental boogie now!

  5. Thank you everyone for your concern, they are all better already. phew! And thank you so much to all those who sent me personal emails on this, really appreciate it!

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