Here comes Made Me June!

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your sweet emails and comments for my eventful week post. I appreciate them so much! Everything is back to normal now, everyone has been healed and I’m in a really good mood today. It’s the start of Made Me June and this month, I’m gonna be dressed in a made-me outfit everyday, whether it is a dress or a top/ bottom combination. And my aim is to NOT wear the items in my “go to” list immediately but have a mix of old and new, a mix of favorites and those I have worn five times or less.

My hubby is an avid reader of my blog (He’s probably the only man lurking around here 😛 ) and he has been talking about getting a new camera for better quality pictures. So after months of research, he has acquired a new Canon camera and I’ve been playing around with the new toy. What delight it is to be able to capture clear, focused images without the annoying pixelated effect. It even comes with a remote control so I can press on a button, get myself in focus and snap away. Ingenious!

Obviously I am still not very good with it. To ensure that I get more practice out of this more advance machine compared to the automatic cameras I’ve been using, I will be attempting something new with Made Me June.  I hope to snap each day’s outfit with either one of these random things in the background: flowers, water or playground. Why such randomness?  I’ll be more motivated to go outdoors to hone my ‘self-portrait’ photography skill with these easy enough to find items. So, no white walls this time round!

In terms of posts, I intend to update daily or every two days. Having done weekly updates for March, I found that I would have forgotten many details by the end of the week and I have an innate tendency to procrastinate. However, I did enjoy the format used for my updates so I’m sticking with that. In addition, I hope to showcase a pick of the week- my fave outfit from the MMJ Flickr Group at the end of each week-probably something I feel very much inspire to sew for myself 🙂 Every Friday, some of the participants will also attempt taking a photo of themselves doing the same action, so I might just join in for the fun of it! How exciting!

made me june. day 1. wednesday. sunny. 24 to 32 degrees celsius

I just compared this dress’ photo with the initial post and noticed that the purple floral on the fabric hardly showed on the photo taken with the automatic camera. It’s much more obvious here!

Dress: That 70s Frilly Dress. Instead of the self fabric belt, I wore it with a scarf tie belt today. My favorite things about the dress are the stretch lace yoke, small bell sleeves and the voile fabric that makes it oh so comfy to wear in this weather!

Hours worn: 8 to 9 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools, Bengawan solo cake shop at Changi airport Terminal 3.

Main activities: Blogging, surfing and unpicking a pillowcase.

Number of times I have worn the dress: 3

Wear Again: Yes, it’s easy to wear and despite my doubts, the short length didn’t really bother me much. So I guess, it doesn’t need to be re-fashioned after all. In the afternoon, I switched the scarf for a silver grosgrain ribbon as waist tie and loved that version even more!
Hope you are having a great week too. And if you have also participating in Made Me June, I can’t wait to see your photos!

9 thoughts on “Here comes Made Me June!

  1. It’s so sweet that your husband bought a new camera for your blog pictures. My husband is like that, too. Don’t you love it? 🙂

    The dress is beautiful and your choice of background really complements the colors. Can’t wait to see the rest of your MMJ.

  2. @sdBev: It does make a difference doesn’t it. I was amazed when comparing the new with the old photos of the same dress:)

    @magdamagda: It’s a Canon EOS 600D. Hope that helps:)

    @Montanachic: Thank you so much:)

  3. you pop! very nicely out of the photo. 🙂 the details on the dress become so apparent and nice. congrats on the new camera!

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