MMJ Days 2 to 3 and the “blue and white parasol” dress

Made Me June 

I’m sorry today’s post is late. I’d been busy these couple of days preparing for my boy’s fifth birthday celebration at his school and we had so much fun this afternoon with fifteen five-year olds:)

I was so preoccupied with shopping for the birthday goody bags yesterday that I only found time to snap this shot last evening. It was rather cloudy by then.

day 2. thursday. sunny with a light drizzle. 24 to 32 degrees celsius

Outfit: The Explorer Outfit

Hours worn: 10 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools, Spotlight, Daiso, Carrefour and Tea Cosy at Plaza Singapura.

Main activities: Shopping for and packing my son’s birthday goody bags

Number of times I have worn the outfit: I’ve lost count! Too many times 🙂

Wear Again: Absolutely! Comfy and weather perfect! I am convinced I need another of this outfit.

day 3. friday. sunny. 24 to 33 degrees celsius

Dress: Festivity Macaron.  I am happy that I wore this bright and cheery dress to celebrate my boy’s birthday.

Even though he readily eats corns, long beans and carrots, my son detests leafy vegetables and has been telling us that he would start eating them when he turns five. I’m very skeptical that it will materialize but let’s wait and see. If you have any tips on getting kids to love vegetables, please let me know 🙂

My son is a transformer fan. He is turning into a little collector of these toys and spends quite a bit of time honing his logic skills with his attempts to transform them from vehicle to robot and back. So, it wasn’t surprising that he asked for either an Optimus Prime or Bumblebee cake. I found a home bakery that created this amazing 3D Optimus Prime cake which all the boys loved! My boy couldn’t take his eyes off the cake. It turned out to be soft and yummy and not too sweet, which was great!

Hours worn: 6 hours

Places visited: Kids’ schools

Main activities: Singing the birthday tune with fourteen other kids!

Number of times I have worn the dress: 3
Wear Again: Yes. I adore the dress and love the colors but strangely I don’t wear it enough. I think it’s a little too loud for daily wear and can be too bright and overwhelming at times. The cut and fit are absolutely comfortable.  I have been thinking of another version of this dress for a long time but is waiting for the right fabric combination to appear in my life.
The Sew Weekly Challenge

This week for The Sew Weekly Challenge, we attempt to sew the perfect summer dress. My TSW post can be found here.

The Pattern Review

I used a mail order pattern 3257 from the Kansas City Star. My first mail order pattern and it was postage dated in 1958. I love that I can see history through my love for sewing.

The pattern pieces though unprinted are sound but I was somewhat disappointed with the mock pockets and the lack of instructions. I was quite sad that even the buttons at the back of the dress were embellishments so instead of following the original side zipper, I moved the zipper to the back and drafted a placket for the buttons. I also used pocket pattern pieces from another pattern to create real usable pockets for my version.

To ensure that stripes matched as best as I could, I cut each pattern pieces individually and placed them next to each other before cutting to ensure stripes matched. I had to take in the sides of the bodice quite a bit. To get the stripes to still match while taking in the seams, I hand baste the seams while checking that the stripes matched before machine stitching. A little tedious but pretty effective.

The Gallery

I am so loving this dress and will definitely be wearing it out again soon!

I’m still working out my pillowcase project for next week’s challenge (There’s so much to unpick before sewing even began hahaha) and if you have extra pillow cases in your storeroom, why not take them out and join us for this challenge?

Blessed weekend everyone!


35 thoughts on “MMJ Days 2 to 3 and the “blue and white parasol” dress

  1. I love your blue parasol dress!!! Great work on matching the stripes. Is the Explorer Outfit made from knit fabric? I suggest making the Macaron outfit again, the shoulders and sleeves part with lace….romantic!

  2. Thanks Sertyan. The explorer outfit’s top is is linen/cotton blend echino fabric while the bottom is made of remnant home decor fabric from ikea. Thanks for your suggestion, love the idea of using lace for the yoke and sleeves!

  3. Beautiful dress – I love lines on it, and of course the chevron effect. Glad you made functioning buttons on the back.

  4. To get kids to eat vegetables? We just offer 2 or 3 at every meal and the kids will eat at least one of them. We try to avoid fighting about food; dinner is supposed to be fun! We do make them eat anything they serve themselves though, so they learn to eat independently and not waste food.

    The Sew Weekly: I made a pillowcase dress for *this* week’s challenge, so I guess next week’s will be even easier for me 😉

  5. As always I love love love your garments.

    About the leafy veggies… try serving a tablespoon or two of ranch dressing in a small bowl, we (Western USA) used what were called ramiken bowls. Then serve the leafy veggies plain. Allow children (of any age, DH’s encouraged to participate) to dip veggie into dressing and eat with fingers. While maybe not the best manners for public eating, we had no problems making veggies disappear down little throats.

  6. Happy fifth birthday! My girl is five, too; it’s such a fun age as you see all the “logic” emerge. And I love the striped dress; it’s truly stunning.

  7. @sdBev: Thank you! Thanks for the suggestion, I will see if that works for the boy! Have a great weekend!

    @Trisha: Thanks so much! It’s indeed gratifying when they matched so time spent was really worth it!

    @Vicki: Dinner is supposed to be fun! That’s great advice, think I should stop stressing out over it 🙂

    @Crystal: Thank you! Yay to the buttons:)

    @Justine: No worries:) The top yoke fabric for the macaron dress is indeed from Anna Maria Horner. Happy 2nd birthday to your lil one 🙂

  8. Wow! I LOVE that blue and white dress, and I really like how you put the little orange buttons on the back – so cute! Congratulations on your little boy turning 5! How exciting!!

  9. You are so ambitious. Getting the stripes working to advantage in this pattern is so so time consuming. The pattern is wonderful in itself but to add stripes is bloomin marvellous.

    I haven’t commented recently but I always enjoy reading your blog, It’s uplifting to see you looking so happy and reading about the fun and frustrations you experience from sewing.

  10. Thank you so much Irene! I am so glad you like the dress in stripes:) It was great fun matching them. I’m always happy to hear what you have to say and thrilled that you enjoy reading about my sewing adventures!

  11. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue dress!! 🙂 matching the stripes must have taken a lot of time and effort.

  12. The Festivity Macaron is a beautiful dress, what a great dress to wear to a birthday party. I love that your son says he will eat leafy vegetables when he is 5. The same deal was made with my g-daughter when she was four only it was “I will try pizza when I am 5 and I will start trying new foods.” She would only eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, and sometimes oatmeal, before she was 5. They actually had to put up a chart to get her to eat new foods and when she ate 3 new foods she got a prize. Now she is 6 and eats many things. Kids are so funny.

  13. The striped dress is amazing. The pattern drawings were cute by themselves but the way you used the fabric makes it look absolutely stunning! This is truly inspiring.

  14. This is the most beautiful dress!!! I love it! Great job lining up the stripes and changing up the pattern so you have real pockets and button placket.

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