MMJ Days 4 to 5 and my pillowcase bathing suit!

Made Me June

It has been cloudy and rainy for the past few days with even some flooding at various places on Sunday. Trying to get water, flowers or playgrounds in my MMJ photos was harder than I had imagined so I just had to get more creative with it.

day 4. saturday. rainy. 23 to 32 degrees celsius

Puddles of water after the rain LOL. Hope that’s acceptable 🙂

Outfit: Reflection of the moon frock

Hours worn: 6 hours

Places visited: Toa Payoh Entertainment Hub

Main activities: Lunch with my parents

Number of times I have worn the outfit: More than 5 times

Wear Again: Absolutely! Love this dress:)

day 5. sunday. rainy. 23 to 31 degrees celsius

Indoor kiddy rides- hope that passes as playground 😛

Outfit: 50s Inspired Sabrina dress (without cape)

Hours worn: 7 hours

Places visited: Changi Airport, Vivocity

Main activities: Shopping and family time

Number of times I have worn the outfit: It was my first time wearing the dress out. I remembered it was a challenge taking it off and as a result I didn’t wear it again until MMJ. I was also a little concerned if people were gonna recognize this as an ikea home decor fabric but I guess the print is pretty common. I also realized that I have lost some weight since last year as the dress wasn’t as fitting around the waist as before.

Wear Again: Maybe as I really do have to put in effort when taking it off and that’s not something I enjoy doing.

The Sew Weekly

This week at The Sew Weekly, we are making a garment from a single or pair of pillowcases. It was really tough finding cheap pillowcases in Singapore (no fabrics, tablecloths or pillowcase at the thrift shop, yikes!) and you can read more about my pillowcase shopping attempts on my TSW post this week.

When I finally found these pillowcases on sale at spotlight, I grabbed them thinking they are perfect for a mod dress. I love the purple/ black and white print!

These are European pillowcases so they are not longer but wider, squarish in shape. The texture was stiff and reminded me of my son’s swim shorts. So, eventually I decided to make a vintage bathing suit out of it and some swimwear lining I have in my stash.

The Gallery

I tried to match the print the best that I could but didn’t have enough fabric to match the lower band of the top which was quite a bummer. For contrast and to make the garment more interesting, I used some red bias tape and buttons on the top.

The top photos were taken by with my new canon camera but I realized I couldn’t use that camera for my bathroom shots (Or rather I’m still unsure about the settings to use in that environment). They all turned out too dark so for those close up shots, so I used my automatic camera.

A scallop bias (which works like piping) was used between the bra cup piece and the lower band to make it more interesting and I also used a plastic zipper with lace like edge for the shorts.The patterns

I used Simplicity 3250 for the bra top and Simplicity 1124 for the shorts. As I have used the shorts pattern before, I knew it didn’t require much fabric and was high-waisted enough to cover my stretch marks. My only modification was to shorten it by not cutting the hem band and replacing the grosgrain ribbon (waist facing) for the waist with red bias tape. It’s real quick and easy to sew!

The bra top pattern turned out to be really easy to sew as well and instructions were very clear. I love the shaping formed by the pleats in the middle and gathers at the side of the top.

I am gonna be making full use of this at the pool on weekends for sure! Absolutely loving the 1950s vibe of the bathing suit!

Have a blessed week my sewing comrade! Next week, we will be sewing a black and white garment for the ascot races (Yes, inspired by My Fair Lady’s ascot scene!), do join us for the challenge!


12 thoughts on “MMJ Days 4 to 5 and my pillowcase bathing suit!

  1. Lovely and looks like you are going to have so much fun wearing this. And great pattern matching too with the little fabric you had to work with.

  2. The swim outfit looks absolutely terrific. It is a perfect oufit for that fabric. The colours are just so exciting making the whole thing vibrant and fabulous.

    What puzzles me is that you were concerned about wearing Ikea furnishing fabric as a dress but apparently no problem with wearing a Spotlight pillow case for a beach oufit ; – ) Just imagine someone has seen you in it and goes into Spotlight asking the assistant for 3 metres of the fabric just like this pillow case. Poor thing, Wont they be in for a disappointment?

  3. I’m impressed by your creativity, because “swimsuit” probably would have been one of the LAST things I’d think about when it comes to pillowcases! It turned out lovely.

  4. You look so lovely in every outfit, but I have to say that two piece bathing suit is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zoe xxx

  5. Thank you so much everyone! So sorry for the late response.
    @Alessa: There are close-up photos of the fabric on my TSW link, sorry I couldn’t post here as I have deleted the files already.

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