MMJ Days 5 to 15 and the “stables charm” peplum dress

Made Me June 2011

I am feeling a sense of fatigue, not so much for sewing and creating but for blogging and photo-taking. Which is probably why I have not been documenting MMJ as well as I should. I am quite disappointed with my sense of commitment. Besides blaming the rain for days which I was unable to photograph outdoors (perhaps choosing the three items of flowers, water and playground wasn’t such a good idea after all), I also realized the logistic issues of bringing out my new camera and tripod while trying to carry the load of my kids’ school bags. So, these were the only photos I have taken for Days 5 to 15 and they were all taken with an automatic camera which was easier to bring around.

Day 6: Merry go round jumpsuit

Day 8: Ruffles Ruby shorts and Cape Tara Blouse

I was sad that I wasn’t able to take photos of my garments for quite a number of days and decided to just snap this one in the house. I’ll just do that from now if I am not able to snap any outdoor shots but it will be a last resort. I always thought that white wasn’t the most flattering color but am really taking a liking for white outfits. They just look really clean.Day 9: Red Denim Ruby and Floral Blouse i

Day 11: NATO Pendrell and Bella Jeans

My first time wearing this combination out. Besides shopping at Takashimaya and Ion on Orchard Road, I also attended a farewell dinner for my friend who will be relocating to Tokyo end of this month.Day 15: Rainbow Blouse and bella shorts

My first time wearing the rainbow blouse (besides the photo shoot day) and gosh it is so comfy. Chiffon just feels amazing! I love the colors and the braided waist tie too:)

The Sew Weekly Challenge

Off course I still put in the extra effort to snap new project photos with my Canon camera. This week for TSW, we are all making black and white dresses for the royal ascot race. My TSW post can be found here.

The Sewing pattern

I used a modern pattern this week, Simplicity  2282. This is my second non vintage Simplicity pattern and I strongly recommend it to a beginner. It is very easy and the instructions absolutely detailed. You can even try out your designer skills by mixing and matching the pieces.

The Gallery

I must say that after half a year of doing the sew weekly challenge and taking photos with my tripod, I have changed from being self-conscious of people’s staring at me to being rather oblivious to their existence. I guess I have grown in that sense.

I used the reverse side of the fabric to sew this dress simply because I liked it more and it’s the first time I’ve done this. White piping was used on the front bodice princess seams and white bias tape around the peplum to make it pop out more.

This week, my outdoor shoot was at a stables providing riding opportunities for kids at the Pasir Ris Park. I’ve brought my son there once and he absolutely enjoyed it and when my girl saw the photos, she asked if she could go feed the horses so we are definitely going back there 🙂 The horse wasn’t very cooperative at the shoot. It is so true that working with animals are the most difficult. At first it didn’t want to eat and when it did, it was so ticklish and wet, I ended up laughing away. It was rather hilarious and I enjoyed the shoot using the remote control.  

When I was attending riding school in my early 20s, I was told by my instructor that you can tell the horses’ mood by observing their ears. If the pointed ears are facing the front, the horse is happy and if they face the back, annoyed so I guess this horse is feeling a little happy to be my co-model for this shoot afterall.
I don’t usually wear black and white with the exception of my Reflection of the Moon Frock, but I am liking this dress quite a lot and will definitely be wearing it often. My fly and chill dress  (black and white) and as you like it dress (black) have yet to be worn unfortunately. I might have to refashion them a little some day to make them work for me. Meanwhile, I just hope I get out of this blogging/ photo-taking fatigue phase.

Have a great week everyone!


12 thoughts on “MMJ Days 5 to 15 and the “stables charm” peplum dress

  1. Blogging should be fun & with kids & parenting & sewing these intricate outfits – I think you’re pretty fabulous! Love the Cape Tara Blouse !
    Some of yr posted pics makes me wonder “is that really on our sunny (maybe too sunny?!!) island 🙂 . Some pics bring back fond memories. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Lovely dress as always. The piping is just a perfect touch. I am loving the headgear with the dress too.

    I think the photos turned out fine whether indoors or outdoors. A lovely documentation of where you were and what you were doing on the different days. And its truly wonderful that you wore fully handmade outfits every day.

  3. This is another of my favourite!!! I really like your stables charm dress. The white piping and peplum are the best. I also received your giveaway pattern today in the mail. Thank you again.

  4. That b&w dress is really pretty, I’d love a more close-up view of the fabric. It great that you managed to get real horses into your pictures! 🙂
    I also love the white outfit, the top is really cute.

  5. I love your black and white dress and the photo shoot with the horses! The white piping is such a nice detail. I also love that rainbow blouse.

  6. Love the new dress, I will have to search out this pattern when I’m at Joann’s tomorrow because it is so cute. It looks great on you. Good luck getting out of the blogging fatigue. I have a book review blog and go through the same thing, it passes with time, just enjoy your time and suddenly you will want to do it again and we’ll still all be here 🙂 Have a great rest of the week.

  7. kudos on the wearing and documenting handmade everyday. 🙂
    once again, you look really good in a peplum dress, a style quite challenging to pull off for myself i think.
    & thanks for the tips on the horse’s ears! not that i’d meet a horse anytime soon. but i like reading snippets of facts like this! 🙂

  8. Girl – give yourself a break! I think that what you have done is amazing, and am happy to see what you manage to get up here. I don’t think that you need to feel disappointed in yourself at all – your posts are already so inspiring to me!

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