MMJ Days 16 to 20 and the “nursing to nautical” jersey dress

Hello my sewing comrades! I’m happy to be healed! Hubby and I caught the stomach flu from our little girl and boy was I in a terrible state the last couple of days.

I also wanted to thank all of you for the encouraging comments you have left me and those who have emailed me (thank you and sorry if I have not replied via email) during my blogging block phase. Thank you for your sweet words, I appreciate them tremendously!  I hope I’ll get all my energy back soon and it certainly helps that there are a few young men downstairs playing soothing music on their guitars when preparing for a barbecue this very moment. Yes, school’s out and fun’s in!

Made Me June 2011

Day 16. Thursday.

I wore my Giddy with Polka Dots Dress for the first time this month. Yes, I have been holding back as I wanted to give other garments a chance but after finishing my nautical inspired jersey dress this week, I just felt an immense need to put on the polka dotted version. I am so into red, blue and whites at the moment!

Day 17. Friday.

My 5-year old plays photographer for this shot in his school compound (hence the low angle!). I wore the Love Batik Tunic with the explorer shorts here so I could play with my kids at the playground.

There they are 🙂

Day 18. Saturday

I wore my Sew Weekly creation for this week. The “Nursing to Nautical” Jersey dress. It’s a refashion themed week and you can read more about how I converted my old nursing clothes to this nautical inspired piece here. I basically converted this old navy blue nursing dress

to this nautical inspired number and all in an hour 😛

The photos for my TSW post were taken in the morning in the East and the ones here were snapped in the afternoon along the promenade at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts and Casino. In the background is the CBD.

Love the shadows left by the sunshade design element at the Marina Bay SandsAnd I couldn’t resist showing you my kids giving each other a lovey dovey sibling hug at the resort. My fave photo of the day.

But, that doesn’t mean I only spent an hour sewing last week cos I’ll be contributing to icandy handmade’s Fun in a Sun(dress) series this Friday! Yes, a sundress, another outfit for my end July vacation to the Great Barrier Reef! Yay!

Have a fun and blessed week everyone!


10 thoughts on “MMJ Days 16 to 20 and the “nursing to nautical” jersey dress

  1. i’m appreciating the details on your batik blouse. very nice!
    & happy times to you with your beautiful kiddos this holiday!

  2. Fab! Love the nursing dress revamped! I am now seriously looking at my nursing clothes in a very different light….they look more like a “brand new” fabric stach…Oh Yeaaah!!!
    Love your blog, and this weekly challenge you are involved in is quite amazing and inspiring too.

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