The Christmas/ New Year Surprise Giveaway!

Hi everyone! How’s your holiday season been so far? I’m probably in the midst of re-living my childhood down at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort where our family would be staying for a few days so this is the scheduled post while I’m away:)

And here’s the Christmas/ New Year giveaway I promised. So, where’s the surprise Adey?

Well, the surprise is in the item the winner will be receiving. Even I do not know at this moment what it will be. Huh?

Let’s put it this way. Besides sewing and fabric buying, I spend a LOT of time searching and looking at vintage sewing patterns. I’m excited by good deals I stumble upon but because I’m too lazy to grade patterns, I have the tendency to purchase either a 32 or 34. But, I’ve bookmarked/ favored lots of patterns I adored that might or might not be in my size  nor suitable for my weather. So, for this giveaway I’ll be sending you a pretty (if you trust my taste :P) vintage pattern in YOUR size from YOUR favorite fashion era  (1940s to 1980s).

(image for reference only)

All you have to do is to tell me  which is your favorite fashion era and why in the comment section and I’ll do the shopping on your behalf if you win:) It will be my little gift to you for the start of the new year. Sounds good?

This giveaway is international and the winner (selected by will be announced when I’m back from vacation. Subscribers double the chance of winning.

Merry Christmas & Happy 2012!

55 thoughts on “The Christmas/ New Year Surprise Giveaway!

  1. Merry Christmas Adey! And thank you for this giveaway, it could mean a late Christmas gift, hehe.
    I love the fifties for the shape of its dresses but I love especially the sixties because they wete so innovative that they are still in fashion today!
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Que generosa es usted!!hojala pudiera hacer yo esos vestidos de maravilla,pero no .Solo pase por aqui a desearle lo mejor a TODOS.CARIÑOS

  3. The 50’s for me too but I also love the 40’s quite a lot. Its hard to pick out of the two decades because some days I want 40’s style and others it’s 50’s.

  4. Very cool! I love the 40s and 50s, and my bust is about 39″. I have always loved 50s fashions because I love the full skirts (& the music). I also love the 40s styles because they always look so elegant. Happy holidays to you!

  5. I love the 20`s and 30`s because I like the slim shapes and the happiness of this between war fashion. Specially I like the revolution of Coco´s style.
    Merry Christmas to you from Germany and thank you so much for blogging, I really like it.

  6. What a fun giveaway! I love the 40’s and 50’s styles. It was just a beautiful and classy era for woman, the 50’s were a time of modesty but also elegance so those are the patterns I usually search for and fit my style the best, thx! 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas!

    I would love you to choose me a pattern from the 60s or 70s with some lovely clean, modern lines that suit my pear-shaped figure. I have a 36-7″ bust.

  8. Hi! I recently started sewing and your blog is a fantastic source of inspiration to me. My favorite era is most definitely the 1950, and I have been trying to recreate looks from this era with modern patterns. I am still a little intimidated by vintage patterns but I will have to give it a go soon, the looks are just so pretty! Merry Christmas to you and thank you for a fabulous giveaway! (oh and I am a size 36 in bust)

  9. My favourite fashion era is the early 50s because everything looks so elegants and effortless. I just wish I had a tiny waist to emulate this fashions. Saying that I think with careful sewing and styling one can make any era looks awesome regardless of body shape. I have a bust 32 inches.

  10. Merry Christmas Adey! Hope you and your family are having a great time in Hong Kong! My favourite era (at the moment) is the 50s because so many of the styles then were so flattering. I’m usually a 34 bust but it seems to be shrinking a little 😦

  11. First of all, Merry Christmas to you and your family Adey.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I really like the late 40s/early 50s, when dresses were so feminine and had beautiful and interesting design elements, such as asymmetrical gathers and unique necklines. Plus the patterns seem to flatter every female size and shape! I’m a 34″/35″ bust.
    Warm wishes for a great New Year, too!

  12. Merry Christmas! Thanks to you for all the inspiring creations throughout the year. It’s amazing how the blog world has exploded with such talented people!
    I love the 60’s—perfect with my 31-32 bust.

  13. I am very drawn to the 40’s but even more I love the 50’s style. 40’s because they have interesting and unique cuts and lines and the 50’s because they remind me so much of my mother. I’m a 38 bust. Happy Holidays to all!

  14. Hi Adey, Happy holidays, and thank you for all your inspiring makes this year over on the Sew Weekly.
    I’m quite fond of the 50’s/60’s look, with the more fitted/structured styles than what you often see today.

  15. 60’s for me. I can’t pinpoint why. I love the full skirts of the 50’s, but the neat details I see on dresses from the sixties, keyhole backs, tabs, belts, collars… I just tend to say, “oh that’s cute” when I see a 60’s pattern. 🙂

  16. HI Adey, Happy Holidays! I love the dress styles from the 40ies, especially where they use gathers instead of darts to ascentuate the female figure. Lovely!

  17. I love late 40s and 50s, I like dress very much and these were so feminine and elegant…
    Enjoy your holidays
    BUONE FESTE from Italy

  18. Ooh, a fun surprise giveaway! My favorite fashion area is the late 50s and early 60s. I suspect I may have watched “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” one time too many when I was little… 😉 I just love the picture-perfect I’m-taking-my-date-to-the-diner-for-a-rootbeer-float circle-skirt and petticoat look…

  19. Awesome giveaway! My favorite is definitely the 40’s! My size is all over the place…I’m 33 bust, 28 waist, 36.5 hips. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  20. I really love the patterns from the late 60s and early 70s. I love the stylish shift dresses, and little details like button tabs. I also really like the 1940s patterns for the silhouettes and design lines, but I have never bought one…so I think that is the decade I would choose for this giveaway.

  21. Happy Christmas Adey to you and your family. Mmmm, this is a tough one. Anything from the 30s or 50s is usually gorgeous, but for this short girl (meaning me!), frocks from the 40s usually work best. I love seeing what could be achieved in a time of rationing. Despite the limited amount of fabric available, designers came up with some really interesting details. (Oh, I’m a 32 bust). Have a happy new year.

  22. Yay! you have the best giveaways! I love the 40s and 50s, but I would say my current favorite is the 40s. I love the “waste not” mindset of the war era. Also, I have a Singer from 1943 that I would love to sew that pattern on!!

  23. Thanks for the generous give-away, I’m deeply in love with the 70’s at the moment the styles are so flattering and really wearable in day to day life. The only risk is that I’m starting to look very like my mum at my age.

  24. My favorite era is always changing, but at the moment, I am loving the 1940s. The patterns use very little fabric and do not take up that much closet space (a welcome relief because of the many 1950s crinolined beauties already in residence there!).

  25. I love 40’s because almost everyone seemed well dress and put together. I think it is because the women wore heels and hats. Also casual 50’s elegance because I don’t have so much occasions for fancy dresses.

  26. Hope you’ve had a great holiday! The 40’s and 50’s are my favourite, the ladies all looked like Hollywood starlets, very elegant; even during the war they managed to be well ‘turned out’. I’m a larger curvy girl and find it difficult to buy vintage patterns in my size.

  27. I love how 40s fashion was so frugal and yet it managed to remain useful and beautiful. I also love how the early 50s was a bloom of excess and indulgence following the miserable war times. I would have to say most of my vintage patterns come from this era and I love to sew with them.

  28. Hi! I’ve been on a lookout for vintage sewing patterns too. (Mainly influenced by my vintage clothing-wearing colleague) While I love the silhouette of the 50s and 60s dresses, I prefer the more wearable 70s dresses, which somehow reminded me of my mum.. =P

  29. I love the 60’s and 70’s most. Why? I don’t know, hehe! It suits me, I guess. I’m planning to work my way through the two decades with the “sewing through the decades” challenge. So far, I’ve only made a 70’s outfit for my 5 year old, he!

    Merry Christmas!

  30. Eek, what an exciting giveaway! Surprises are awesome. 🙂

    A year ago, I would have said 1950’s were my favourite era. But now, after a year of seeing you and Debi making gorgeous 1940’s style dresses, I’m totally in love with the 40’s. The details. The shapes. The prettiness combined with practicality. Love love love! (Oh yeah, and anything from a 32″ to a 36″ bust is awesome.)

  31. I love 40’s, do i really have to say why? The simplicity and elegance are timeless, you can put anything 40’s style on and ou look smart without being dressed over the top ( as it may sometimes happen with 50’s full skirts).

  32. I love to look at the 50’s fashion but I do think the 40’s are more wearable. So…tough choice. I’ll go with 40’s.

  33. Like many others I love the 1950s because the designs are so classy but also because the full-skirted look suits my figure as I have wide shoulders.

  34. I love the 1950’s fashion era. I think there are so many elegant little details that are missing in modern fashion. Oh I would love to win!

  35. I love the fashions of the 50’s. I love the way it completely celebrates the feminine figure – the New Look flared skirts that creates a skinny waist and then the fitted look of the later decade. Just gorgeous!

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