The Peekaboo Post. New Year Resolutions and Wish list.

Peek One

I’ve just finished matching siblings echino outfits for the lunar new year and ever so excited to snap pictures of them. I’ll try to get some photos taken when my lil prince and princess wear these on 23 January. 

The dress is made from a 1930s mail order pattern 5201 which came in an envelope without the pattern company’s name so I have no idea of its origins. It is a size 2 pattern but my 3-year old is so petite that I have to take in the sides after fitting.  The pattern pieces were unprinted and instructions (only 4 to 5 paragraphs) were printed on the back of envelope. I chose to sew View 1 which is a simple dress with front yoke and pleats. A simple design brings out the flavor of echino fabrics best in my opinion.

The echino print with buses looks familiar? Indeed, it has the same print but different colorway as my Mod Oriental Dress:). Remnant of the doubleknit fabric from my Braving it Out Dress was used for the font yoke. So, I guess we can go out in Mother-Daughter fashion when I wear either of these dresses:)

Last year I sewed my son a shirt for the new year but he only wore it once. The thing is he prefers the comfort of tees, doesn’t really enjoy wearing polo shirts and totally detests woven shirts. I made him pants without a zipper as he is so lazy, he has the tendency to pull off his jeans without unbuttoning/unzipping. So, an elastic waisted pants would be perfect for the boy. He dresses for comfort and ease period.

The tee is again made with remnants from the same dress. I embellished it with a pocket and sleeve band using fabric pieces cut out of an old pair of echino pants which the prince has outgrown. The bottom of the tee was cut on the selvedge with fringe and was left unfinished on purpose. The prince seemed to adore these “Flintstones fringe”. The bottom was made with a comfortable cotton drill fabric and embellished with echino’s scooter fabric from the new ni-co collection. My mum told him, “big pockets for all your red packets!” and he responded with giggles.

Peek Two

Laura Mae, the winner of my Christmas/ New Year Surprise Giveaway has received the ‘surprise’ pattern from the merchant! She sent me a sweet email and said:

I received my exquisite new (to me) pattern in yesterday’s mail!  I love it!  Now I just have to find the perfect fabric . . .
Thank you so very much!  It is just what I would have picked out for myself!
Thanks again,

Since Laura has seen her ‘surprise’ on 11 January, I thought I’d post a photo of the pattern here. Simplicity 3448 from the 1940s has been marked a favourite by me for sometime now. I love the little details on the short sleeves, the detachable bib, the gathers and what looks like shirring or smocking just below the waist and the potential variations of the pattern. Total 40s elegance. Can’t wait to see Laura’s take on it!

New Year Resolutions and Wish List

With the exception of a couple of morning jogs, I did absolutely nothing for fitness in 2011 unless I count stepping on the sewing machine pedal as a foot exercise. For 2012, I have devised a totally unambitious but ‘easy to maintain’ fitness plan. To brisk walk at least 4 km  two to three times a week. I just started walking at the beach by following these green footprints and totally enjoyed the views at the beach so much so that I forgot I was working out!

To motivate myself, I will be updating my fitness progress on twitter, just for my own documentation.

What about Sewing?



I’m working on shirts next week for hubby and daddy for the new year. My spring sewing will commence after I’ve solved a major problem- the GREAT BIG GIGANTIC MESS in my sewing room. I also want to get my machine serviced, my poor overworked BROTHER. My other problem is space, I am truly running out of space with my burgeoning fabric and vintage pattern stash *Proud Grin*. So, I will have to stop buying these until I’ve used a portion of them up *Sigh*. There are some exceptions off course *Yay!*. I am allowed to buy fabrics while on vacation and have given myself the option of securing some of these modern-day beauties which have been on my wish list since last year if I so wish to *kekeke*

They are from Independent Pattern Companies and come in the pdf format. And pdfs are not gonna take up any physical space, right?

1) Victory Pattern’s Hazel and Anouk, both truly beautiful and unique.

Hazel (Victory Patterns)

Anouk (Victory Patterns)

2) Salme Pattern’s Loose Fitting Pleated T-shirt

Here’s the version my fellow TSW contributor Sarah sewed last year and I have been wanting to make one, no two of these since I saw it. One in chiffon and one in knit. Perfect for everyday wear!

And off course, I want to finish and test my self drafted pattern for the dress version of my ‘Half way there muslin tee’.

I will probably put the tee version up first after a few more tests. I have no idea how to grade a pattern though but given that these are in jersey, they will probably fit a bust 32-36 when finished. Now to save up for a good scanner or figure out how to use the one on my Canon printer.

I’m still a regular visitor at The Sew Weekly and community (You can find the themes here). While I won’t be following the January themes, I might join in for some of the themes after that, we’ll see:) What Mena has done with the site is just amazing and there are more than a hundred contributors sewing together this year with four projects being featured together with Mena’s creation every week. How fabulous is that!

Last but not least, there is something else I have to consider this new year. What to do with my blog? I’m running out of image space (7% left) and am still deciding between an upgrade (which means I have to pay $19+/ year) or to create a new blog. I’m more inclined to do the latter at the moment. So, my next post might very well be on a new blog address 😛 Keep you posted.

Have a blessed sewing year!


8 thoughts on “The Peekaboo Post. New Year Resolutions and Wish list.

  1. There’s so much going on in this post! In a good way of course!
    I love the way you use the echino print. Your precious two will be donning unique clothing for sure. The 40’s pattern has special sleeves and gathers I’ve never seen before. and I love the Hazel pattern too. Now, there’s one more new pattern site for me to ogle at! lol.

    Have a wonderful year ahead Adey! 🙂

  2. Oh this is all so wonderful! Beautiful clothes for you and your children in such great fabrics. I’m so excited to see you finish your self-drafted dress too–I love the dress you based your “halfway there” tee on!

  3. I loved everything you put on The Sew Weekly. You, Mena and the other ladies did a great job. I stopped checking in for a while for personal reasons but plan to stop in at Sew Weekly and in here more often.

    The dress you made for your little girl is so cute. I love all the different fabric patterns, they go together so well. I can’t wait to see what you sew this year and I bet it will be wonderful to be more relaxed than last year. I bet you probably see a big improvement in your sewing ability after a year of sewing weekly. I can’t imagine. Your skills were amazing to begin with but now you could probably tackle any project. You inspire me.

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