The UFOs and the dress that refused to go away!

No more deadlines.

Procrastination. Lethargy. Pure laziness. Whatever the reasons…

the UFOs piled up…

way up high.

To get myself out of the blogger’s block, I decided to update my blog with a new look, update all links and information just to get myself typing again. I seem to slip into this non productive mood after a break or a vacation. And on the sewing front, I have been working on projects but not really finishing anything which really pisses me off. First I started on a pair of crochet lace shorts only to find out that I have no matching zipper of the right length.

The first of the UFOs to come.

Next, I started on and am currently a quarter way to finishing a 70s suede coat for hubby using vintage Simplicity 6887. It’s my first experience sewing with suede and the first time I’m gonna try to line an unlined coat pattern with back vent so I’m keeping my fingers crossed 😛 And please, if you know of any great tutorial on lining a coat with back vent, please let me know. The coat front, back, sleeves, pockets and shoulder tags are all done but I have yet to attach the pocket flaps, cuffs, collar and lining. Why did I stop? Buttons….I had enough of them originally but had to use 6 of them for hubby’s new years shirt, so now I am short…

Both problems coming from my notions inventory? Not just that, I was going to get these replenished as soon as possible but something bigger stopped me. The scorching heat of Spring. I hope the weather will be kinder soon as I plan to do some notions shopping in chinatown tomorrow.

With the above sewing plans coming to a halt, I’ve started working on a set of mother-daughter spring floral dresses from these 1940s sewing patterns. The sweet fabrics are Japanese voile from Lecien. I’m sewing the mother’s version at the moment and it’s a new challenge for me as the pattern came with missing instructions but I love the pleat details too much to give this a miss. At the moment, it’s still going pretty well and I’ve finished the top half of the dress.

What’s happening after this? I wasn’t sure until my visit to the doctor’s earlier this week.

I first saw this blue dress on the cover of Urban, a fashion supplement that comes with our newspapers on Fridays and posted this photo on twitter 21 January.

After three weeks, I’ve forgotten completely about it until I saw the same dress again while flipping through a magazine, waiting for my turn at the doctor’s.

Sheer coincidence, I told myself. After the appointment, I happened to walk pass Miu Miu and couldn’t believe my eyes. The actual dress was staring back at me! Boy was I taken aback! A dress that refused t go away?

I told myself there and then. That’s it, I SHALL make myself this dress! I later googled and found out that the gingham dress was from Miu Miu’s 2012 Resorts Collection.

I will only be starting the rest of my Spring/ Summer wardrobe sewing after finishing these. Plans are still being finalized and I’ll be letting the land of my Spring vacation inspire my Spring wardrobe. I’ll tell you more soon:)


15 thoughts on “The UFOs and the dress that refused to go away!

  1. I’m intrigued by all your projects. Those lace shorts will look great. When you mentioned what’s coming next came after a visit to the doctor – I thought you were going to surprise us by saying “Maternity Wear”! Haha. I love the gingham dress – the fabric seems so luxurious.

  2. That Miu Miu dress caught my eye too, and I took a photo of the very same window too (in Paragon, I think?). Very much looking forward to your interpretation of it!

  3. That gingham dress is very, very beautiful! I love it to the max! I’ve had a long list of UFOs and whole piles of fabric waiting for me. Despite having the longest break ever, I sew nothing. I know when I start, I cant stop. And when I stop…I take forever to start…and I was begining to think that I was the only one haha 🙂 Happy weekend.

  4. I am almost positive i have that Simplicity pattern…I will have to dig through my massive pattern collection to check so if you are interested in the directions email me an I will try to find them and can send you a copy if I do have it. if you like… and good luck finishing up! I am the exact same! I have two boxes of unfinished projects!

  5. If that dress walked up to you on the street and said out loud, “MAKE ME!” the universe couldn’t be sending you a stronger message to make that dress. I look forward to seeing you wearing the dress later this Spring.

  6. Like Crystal I thought along the same lines and said “Oh she is having another baby.” Ha ha. The Gingham dress is cute. I like the shorts and the Mother Daughter dresses too. Have you tried Burda as far as a tutorial for lining a coat vent? They have a lot of information on their site and I think that is where I looked when I tried to sew a dress with a skirt vent.

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