A Poll: It’s a mad mad mad mad world!

I must confess I’ve only watched two and a half seasons of Mad Men but the dresses wore by two women in particular on the show and in cast photos continue to wow and inspire me. With all the buzz created by the series’ return on television March 25, the sewing world is filled with exciting challenges and sewalongs! Mena at The Sew Weekly will be having a themed week, Julia Bobbin has sewn two perfectly adorable Mad Men dresses out of the same pattern and is hosting a Mad Men Challenge on her blog, Gertie has finished her Joan Holloway-inspired rose appliqué dress  and No Pattern Required is having a Mad Men Sewalong of Peggy’s Perfect Skirt. It’s exciting just hearing what others are doing and that makes me wanna sew up a Mad Men Dress!

WIthout further ado, here’s the list of dresses I’m mad about placed above sewing patterns I could use in my stash. I really need your help to select which dress I should sew first. I have been having such a hard time deciding, so please help me by making a selection at the poll.

What I would name Peggy Olsen’s signature dress, this black and white gingham has been my top Peggy dress since the first season, no other came near until I saw dress number two, the inverted pleats dress below. My pattern of choice is Butterick 2137 and Yes! I will definitely add the midriff band and front skirt flap with buttons. I love those additional details so much! What’s more, I’ve got a black/navy blue/ white gingham in my fabric stash just for this!

I think I love the inverted pleats dress so much because of the color combo. It kinda reminds me of my orange tab dress but is a sweeter, more demure version. Simplicity 5581 comes close to the design and I actually do love version 2 on the pattern cover so it’s likely I’ll stick to it!

Mademoiselle Holloway looked great in almost every dress but my favorite of her dresses came from these publicity shots. The baby blue drape sleeves chiffon dress is so pretty and elegant. I don’t think I wear that shade well though so I’ll probably make mine in a different color using Simplicity 3445. And those sleeves, I have never sewn something like these before so I’m keen to give them a go.

Last but not least, the V-neck vixen dress, sexy and elegant at the same time. But, let me first express how much I love the pattern details in Advance 7967. Just look at those yummy seams at the lower waist and those pleats on the back neckline! I can’t wait to sew up this pattern! I might use a solid color fabric though just so that the design and technical details wouldn’t get lost in a print.

So, what do you think? I couldn’t even decide which to sew out of only four choices. So, please help me by making a selection at the poll which will be closed after a week. Blogging about these lovely dresses and patterns has renewed my energy to get them done and I can’t wait to finish my Miu Miu inspired dress and get started on this Mad dress project! I hope you will be sewing some Mad Men dresses too! Have a blessed week!

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