Mad Men Challenge: Joan’s Robin Egg Drape Sleeves Dress

Remember the poll on which Mad Men dress I should sew? Well, 123 of you voted and this Drape Sleeves Dress worn by Ms Joan Holloway was top with 38% of the votes.

And here’s my humble knock-off version in robin egg blue poly.

based on this pattern which turned out to be Junior’s size!!! And had three missing pattern pieces!!!

More information on my Mad-ventures sewing it up and project photos on my first Sew Weekly post of the year here.

I was introduced to Picnik by Mena during the pin-up week on Sew Weekly last year and absolutely fell in love with what it could do only to be informed a few months later that the site would be closing down April 19.  As such, I’ve decided that I should use it more while I still can. The photo above was a result of combining the 1960s (Mad Men era) and texture effects. Hope you like it:)

Have a blessed sewing week!


13 thoughts on “Mad Men Challenge: Joan’s Robin Egg Drape Sleeves Dress

  1. Oh my! It is SO beautiful! Elegant and stunning.

    They just added some of the same editing apps that Picnik had to Picasa (a free google photo editing software). They have the 60’s treatment and others as well.


  2. This dress is amazing. Well done with grading the pattern and reconstructing the missing pieces! From what I can see of the hardware on the shoulders, you really nailed it.

  3. You look wonderful! What fantastic sleeves! And I am so glad to see you back on The Sew Weekly after a well-deserved break.

    I, too, will be mourning the loss of Picnik. Hopefully Google will improve on the service.

  4. so lovely! I absolutely love the sleeves. I’m tempted to try to draft the pattern for a dress like this and make it before the summer starts here!

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