A Spring 2012 Sewing Plan!

Dear friends, I am so excited to share with you that our spring family vacation destination has been confirmed and we are going to PARIS in May!

Here are some fabulous photos of the amazing city by Sonja Caldwell, Spring/Summer 2012 trends and the Pantone palette that are inspiring my sewing plans for the upcoming months. First, the Pantone colors I love and those I don’t.

What about you? Will you be sewing some pieces in these colors? Or don’t really care about color trends? For me, I like to incorporate new colors in my wardrobe and to experiment with new hues but at the same time, I do consider if I can wear a certain color when selecting fabrics. I have very few yellow, orange and lavender pieces for example.

But, I am trying to see if I can wear orange. So, I intend to incorporate some orange into my wardrobe but am still hesitant to use it for an entire outfit. My very loose plan is to start sewing the jerseys/ stretch & pants first since they are more travel friendly and start on the laces and sheers when I’m back from vacation:) I hope to sew raincoats and spring coats for the little ones too.

1. Pastels, Laces and Sheers

I am so saying Yes! Yes! Yes! to feminine lace, pastels shades and sheers! I’ve been avoiding lace for sometime as I always thought of them as being overly formal but there has been a shift in my thinking and I want to sew some simple lace blouses and dresses in pastel shades which can be wore even on more casual occasions.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012

Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2012

Jill Stuart Spring/ Summer 2012 RTW

On my wish list are also candy color shorts to go with sheer pastel blouses.

2. Neon colors: Orange, Turquoise and Pink

I’ve been dreaming of pedal pushers in the vibrant shades of orange and turquoise.


alexsandra on etsy

I love this photo above from a vintage store on etsy, the turquoise pants looks great with a red cardi!

Perhaps a Spring turquoise version of the Gather & Go Jersey Dress I sewed in fall and a pink jersey top.

3. The Birds 

I’ve always had a thing for birds fabric and this is probably the time to put them to good use:) I can imagine a digital print jersey  dress, a sweet romantic dress inspired by Erdem  and even some bird print separates inspired by Jill Stuart. I have a real weakness for birds fabric and got to confess I bought some more chiffon bird prints from Spotlight recently when I went to shop for notions. *Sigh*

What’s your Spring sewing plan?

Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Erdem Spring Summer 2012


12 thoughts on “A Spring 2012 Sewing Plan!

  1. I’ve been in love with pastels, laces, and sheers, too! I feel like fashion has gotten a bit more formal overall in the last few years, which is a great excuse for me to dress up instead of reserving those fabrics for special occasions. 🙂

  2. Like you, I thought lace was for weddings and formal stuff, but I’ve won over recently by individual separates in lace. I still think I’m too old for head to toe lace, but I’ve been wrong before…

  3. I really want to make a pair of orange pants this season. I already have them cut out, I just have to make the time to sew them up. Knowing you have them on your list as well is great motivation! Also, I’m a lace convert as well.

  4. I’m so happy you’re going to visit my country !! I hope you will enjoy your trip. Are you just visiting Paris or some other town ? or some other country in Europe ? How long are you staying there ? Sorry, I’m curious.
    About colours, I really don’t care. It’s just what I like, I’m not a fashion woman !!
    Blessed week.

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