“The birds” drape drape dress

I have not been sewing from Japanese sewing books much recently and the release of Drape Drape Book 3, which I bought a copy of without hesitation from Kinokuniya last week, has inspired me to sew some drape jersey dresses. This particular dress, however, was from Project 17, Drape Drape Book 1 and has been one of the projects I’ve been wanting to sew for a long time. 

By looking at the size chart, I’m between M and L. There were only two sizes for this particular pattern. S/M or L/XL. I went with L/XL since it would be easier to grade down in my opinion. I also didn’t add the seam allowances.

The diagrams made sewing this dress up a breeze. I think I spent 2 or more hours tracing the pattern pieces as there were 5 pieces to be joint together as two, an hour to cut and pin the pleats and probably an hour or less to sew this up. However, I didn’t want the dress to be too loose fitting so I fitted and refitted several times before I was happy with the fit and drapes. 

The fabric looks like a digital print of birds in the forest. I adored how whimsical it was at first sight. It is vintage and stored since its production. I bought 3 metres of it (which was all the seller had) the moment I saw it as digital prints like these are so hard to come by and it only cost US$1.95 per meter! The fabric has a little stretch in it but is not as soft and drapey compared to a t-shirt jersey. It is opaque which to me is a plus point for a knit dress.

I heart the drapes on both the front, sides and back of the dress.

The three metres of fabric was a little short as the pattern called for 3.2 metres so I added some orange ponte knit to the fabric’s width while ensuring the grain lines are parallel to each other before cutting.

I thought the photos taken on a tripod didn’t do justice to the asymmetrical hem which was one of the wonderful details I love in this pattern so I snapped a reflection shot which gave a better idea of how it actually looked. 

I’ll show you more photos of Drape Drape Book 3 soon. I’m really excited about this book. Unlike Book 1 which had only a few dresses which I consider wearable, Book 3 is filled with such jewels.

Have a great week!


22 thoughts on ““The birds” drape drape dress

  1. This is such amazing work! The lack of yardage is such a happy problem because the orange knit really provided such a nice contrast. This looks designer made and I bet you will have a lot of people asking you where did u buy this dress!

  2. This is fantastic and I love it even more for the lightning bolt of orange – that addition REALLY gives it the wow factor! I’m so pleased that Drape Drape 1 is finally coming out in English next month (along with Pattern Magic 3) so I’m super excited to be able to sew this now!

  3. That pattern looks so complicated! Your dress is fab though and really looks like the finished picture, I really like the shot of orange down the side too.

  4. Wow, beautiful dress! I agree with Melissa that the orange lightning bolt brings it to another level. That and the asymmetrical hem. I also think that it looks better on a print than in the original plain fabric, great choice. I really admire people who know what fabric will best go with a given pattern. I’m hoping it is a skill that can be developed… And thanks for introducing me to the Drape Drape 1 book, I have to see how I can get my hands on it.

  5. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments:) The detailed drawings made the construction really easy, the second photo I have posted which looked really complicated was what the pattern looked like.

  6. The draping on this is beautiful! You chose a nice print for this project as well. Despite what you said about the detailed drawings making it easy, I don’t know if I’d have the courage to take on a project like this. 🙂 However, I may have to get one of those Drape, Drape books to experiment with some draping projects.

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