Missing for three weeks!

I wasn’t able to find time to blog for the past three weeks. I was busy sewing!

What did I manage to sew?

1) A stripe tee

Pattern: Adapted from Wendy Mullin’s Sew U Home Stretch

Fabric: Grey stripe jersey with a glossy lurex effect

I cut the fabric for a chevron effect in the centre front and back as well as at the seams and it took slightly more than an hour to sew. Perfect for a fast, gratifying project…which off course led me to sew the next project.

2) A stretch lace tee

Pattern: Adapted from Wendy Mullin’s Sew U Home Stretch

Fabric: Pastel stretch lace fabric from fabric.com

Without having to match the stripes, I managed to finish this in less than an hour:)  How fab is that! There are definitely lots of lace pieces planned after my trip.

3 & 4) A fuschia drape blouse and an orange pedal pusher

Blouse Pattern: Vogue 1259 Donna Karan Collection

Fabric: Fuschia Rayon jersey

Comment on pattern: When it said Advanced, this one really was! It took me ages to figure the pattern out, I attached one piece wrongly and had to unpick it. Read the instructions before cutting so you can add length to the sleeves and inside tee neckline/ armhole which you may want to finish before sewing. But, I think the end result is worth all that effort. It’s tough but I intend to take up the challenge again:)

Pedal Pusher Pattern: Vintage Simplicity 4255

Fabric: Orange stretch cotton twill

Comment on pattern: DO NOT sew this pair of pants, unless you plan to tweak it in a major way like I did or some how require a pair of balloon pants. Hubby saw the first version and commented, “Nice color…er are those baggy pants?”

The waist was a perfect fit but anything below it was far from perfect. I couldn’t see my butt or hips after putting it on. I had to unpick the seams, fit and re-fit a hundred times to get it to look like this and it’s still not there.  It was a nightmare to sew. But, I have worn it several time since and actually do enjoy wearing it. There are definitely better pants patterns around.

5) A jumper

Pattern: Colette Pattern’s Parfait

Fabric: Grey cotton corduroy

A dream to sew, I didn’t make any adjustments except to lengthen the skirt.

6-7) Two reversible spring coats for the kids

8-9) Two rain coats for the kids

I’ve had so much fun sewing all these separates (with the exception of a few hair pulling moments with the pants). That’s two items a week on average. Phew! I am just glad I finished them in time for our Spring vacation! I didn’t want the kids wearing coats in our weather for photos so I’ll show the vacation photos of them in these. And the rain coats too. Off course, I am hoping for no rain but just in case, I’ve gotten these done.

We are taking off this weekend to Paris and I REALLY need to start packing!!! Blessings to you my sewing comrades!


23 thoughts on “Missing for three weeks!

  1. I was just thinking about you today, missing your amazing garments! How fun to just unplug and sew away when you don’t really feel like blogging. Have a great vacation.

  2. Wow that is a productive few weeks of sewing! I love the lace shirt, pedal pushers and your parfait is gorgeous!

  3. As always your sewing skills are amazing and you make the most flattering clothes. I love the colors, bright is my favorite, and the pink shoes with the animal print are fun and perfect for that outfit.

  4. wow, you have been a busy and productive sewer. I love the pink gathered top and orange pedal pushers. Such a fun combination!

  5. I like the wedding between the pink and orange, so summertime. For the Vogue top, the squirrelpoo made a tuto on her blog.

  6. Glad you like the combo and thank you so much for the info Angel. I popped over to see her version and loved the color she chose. The skirt looks great too so I’m motivated to sew a full version next time! I must have done my version very differently from squirrelpoo’s as I wanted mine to have all edges finished so there were no exposed seam at all. It was long and tedious but the effort paid off as the finish is clean and I am so in love with this blouse:) So at some point, I did abandon the instructions which was tough to follow and played around with the top on my dress form. That was the easiest way to get that done I think.

  7. Hi Audrey, I literally stumbled on your blog! Pleasant surprise to see someone so passionate about sewing/tailoring just when I’m starting to lament the dying trade. By the way, are your clothes for sale? 🙂

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